Sunday, October 27, 2013

How soon is Halloween?

Honestly, I really need to a better way to motivate myself to write in this blog; just like my room mates who has to write a blog everyday about her particular projects. When you have a journal, you have the job to put into. So hopefully in the future I will put to affect into it.

Anyways, Halloween coming up, and it gets very crazy here in art college. This time is the prefect opportunity to create your own costume. Here you can be expressive, beautiful and your creativity in your artwork. Since these costumes are actually art pieces, something that interacts with its environment and mediums fluidly. So far our generation has recycled cardboard and plastic to painting your entire body in make or paint. So far  I seen people as deer, zombies, video game characters, furies, angels, ghost, and many more zombies. Really, they got the make-up and the zombies bites prefect, not as good as the walking dead but very close to it. I can't wait to see how different it is going to be in the far future.

What is Halloween anyways, bases the day of treating yourself in to night time. There are many ideas about what this event started at, such as the Salem witch trials , which gets very crazy here in Beverly. Actually, it gets very empty here because everyone will head over to Salem on thursday night. Although, I did here that there is a dog costume parade so I am excited for that and it will be quiet that night so I get some sleep. Okay, Halloween was first called Samhain and celebrated by the ancient Celtic as the end of summer and the beginning the harvest, which is the period of the living and dead are balanced. You could say that it is very similar to the day of the dead, celebrations of the dead citizens but with different cultures. With the Celtic, they did many animal sacrifices in animal skins and do fortune telling. Then when the Roman empire conquered the Celtic, their halloween combined with their, which changed to a two day celebration. The first day was the 31st of October, when they honored the death relatives and friends, and the next would be honoring the Roman goddess of fruits and trees, Pomona, where the tradition of bobbling apples. Then, in America, they bought up the creation of ghost stories and mischief making, so you can thank your country for toilette papering and egging people's house. If you want to see for yourself, check out the link below to see the origin of halloween.    

"Halloween". History. Q&E Television Networks, LLC. 1996-2013. Web. 27 October, 2013.

Well, I wish you all a happy and safe halloween on Thursday night, make sure you spend it wisely in your awesome outfits.