Friday, May 30, 2014

"Tails" Graphic Novel pages

                       For the last week or two, I have been determined on getting all these pages drawn out and will be ready to paint in watercolor.
                       From Senior year, all year I created, wrote and illustrated this graphic novel titled "Tails". I was inspired from a small part of my town that resides along the coast, and whenever I go there I just feel at peace and relaxation. So the story takes place around the borough as you follow Rob, who is going through the thoughts of depression, and Katie, the random girl that makes his day.
                       I know that this graphic novel isn't going to be the master piece but it is my goal to get this story in a book that I can look back to. These are some of my favorite pages that I like out of my illustrated novel.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Early Summer Days

                         What can I say now? I'm home, clean up the house and I get to meet up with my home town friends. But for these last ten days I been tucked in my room working on my independent graphic novel. And yes, these are all the pages I made, and they are more that I have to redraw. I really making this my top project to finish, by see these pages illustrated and printed in a paperback book would be amazing. A lot of effort has been put into my Senior year and now I want it to be finished as something on the book shelf. Then my next project will be something made out of my college years. 
                          Sunday, I'll display some of my pages, with the hope to announce that it will be all finished and ready for the next step. 

                         However, while I had the long days that go to three in the morning, I allowed myself Thursday to be my relaxing day. While mostly enjoying the pc games, I got to attend a gallery show in West Hartford at the Golden Thread Gallery. From all the traffic and the on and off showers storm, I was really excited and honored to come to this show. 
                         If you remember a couple entries ago, I wrote about some working art studios I got the opportunity to see and meet local artists. One of the artist that I met was Josie Dellenbaugh, artist sculptor, painter and poet. She has worked long and hard for 25 years and now showing her beautiful bronze pieces is the best thing to happen to her now. Also all her pieces are perfect for this environment  because it is set up in a garden gallery of the West Hartford monastery. From the imagery of transquility, christianity and the connection to an higher spirit of these pieces are strongly imprinted with. When seeing them out of the studio and in a garden is pretty amazing to see and I am so proud of Josie that she got to exhibit these pieces to everyone. 

Thank you Josie Dellenbaugh for letting me know about your show and wish you all the best to you in the future. I do hope we keep in touch very soon.

Be sure to check out her website to see more of her artwork

Also here are a few oil painting exhibited at the Golden Thread Gallery show. The theme of this gallery was about Wonder, what the artist interpret this idea and impacting these paintings. Make sure you check out their website for more information

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss your Mother XOXO

    Happy Mother's Day

                               Yay!!!! It is that day where your Mother's gets to relax up against the beautiful breezeless day with the sun blazing out. This whole weekend has been perfect for people to rebuild and prepare a garden for the summer season while my artist mates and I slowly pack up and procrastinate inside our rooms. 

                               To be honest I though I would be home for Mother's Day, that it would the day after coming back home from art school where I could put all my art skills to good use. Now I'll have to miss out on cleaning her car, doing more spring clean, trying to help out in the garden, preparing dinner and enjoying the hot tub. So much could be done with her and my family but no, I have to some how get all my packed up boxes and art supply into one space while getting all my art evaluation all set up too. But I guess that is just a small miner thing that I'll going to be doing over the next three to four years. 

                              What I can say about my Mom is want anyone would say. You can see her best sides of her when it the girls' night only days. She's charming, lovable, sociable, very involved, hard working, and heart warming mothers that I always looking forwards to bring me home. I thank her for being the super duper mom to peer editing my essays whenever I skipped over them and for mailing up previsions from four hours away. But most of all I thank her for supporting my dream to being an artist. It is very weird when you are not following your parents footprints or not doing anything in the left brain hemisphere perspective. However for being the quiet daughter that grew up in the your arms, I seem to have beautiful ideas that need to be seen and said, I thank you for making both of them inspiration happen :)
                          So to all my viewers, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day, a big shot to all my other mothers that I open myself to, and hope that you wish your mothers as well. And for those who do not have a mother at this moment, you should thank someone at least because there is always someone who has given your motherly love in your life. Your father, your grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, neighbor, they were the ones who help your reach this point of time and will be there for the next step

                         P.S. Not sure if I'm going to continue blogging over the summer. Mostly likely will post finished artwork but you decide. To my followers, let me know if you want me to keep blogging or had question. Enjoy the awesome weather outside!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Senior Thesis Temporary Ground

                 Also on Wednesday I got to see the reception for another Senior Thesis Exhibition "Temporary ground". The Featured artists here, and that you should look up, were Christine April, Dominique Butori, Zoey Chapin, Kat Gozy, Christiana Lauzon, Morgan O'Donnell-Curry and Michael Parrillo.
                 When stepping in the gallery, it reminded in a lot of the beach shores from my home and the beach nearby my college. All the pieces seem to make an impression of something that has existed there and something new being created over time so I think that the title "Temporary Ground" is the perfect.

Walking on box of sand and water!! Amazing!!

Finished Painting

               Finally, Wednesday was my last class, the school held a picnic and awesome kickball tournament and got to meet up with my advisor before the end of the day. Now I have a whole four to three days to wait for student evaluation. So what to do? Well, you get to pack up your room, read a book, procrastinate, feed yourself more food so your don't pack it up, and hang out with friends as soon as you can.
               Honestly this last week is probably one of the emptiness weeks ever because everyone is leaving variety of days and no one really don't know what to do to say good bye to. We have become a really close and maybe we know that most of us will be returning to the departure isn't so impacting. The lifestyle from college to home will be unusual but the sensation of saying goodbye to each other isn't very emotionally as I though of.
Anyways, here are all the finished painting of this semester

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sketch Book Video Vlog 2014

              My sketchbook is complete!! All the pages are filled in and will probably be adding more into it for the remaining of the semester. Here is the link to my vlog video, where I display my sketchbook. Also check out the youtube channel and support our video vlog too. Enjoy and see you Friday :3

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Poetry Festival 2014

                Yesterday was probably one of the day that got my relaxed and glad to ride on the train this semester. This weekend was the celebration of poetry writing, held at the Poetry Festival in Salem, MA. Even with finals wrapping our minds, two good friends of mine and I planned and made it to the event. There we could visit panel of poetry books and listen in on poet's readings through out the area. Unfortunately wasn't able to photography the events since they took place in the museum but I'll do my best explain them.
                  First thing we did, besides riding the train, walking along the sidewalks and purchasing a coolatte (seriously, Saturday was the most beautiful day of that week and was glad to get exercise), we quickly choose to see the interior Installation "Line Break". This installation was created by Colleen Michaels and Lillian Harden, creating a visual sanctuary for the viewers to travel to. The visitors travel up the staircase as poetry phrases hang off the side of the stair, transiting the atmospherical space to the top. Once you reach the top, a small space displays a hammock hovering over a number of Yogibo seats like a raft surfing onto of the ocean. When you look underneath the hammock, minute long slides read out phrases of poetry as suggestions of peace and relaxation flood over the readers. Once you push yourself our of the room, when looking down the stairs there is a hammock hanging in the center with the phrases of poetry whirling around like a whirl pool. There was even a wonder about why there were those handmade books filling the hammock, making us question whether we throw our books into the pile.
                 There is also interaction between the viewers and the installment, giving out handmade books and pencil to write inspiration thoughts done, either for poetry, literature or art. What I think of this installation is an artist's interpretation of the space of inspiration, one of the atmospherical places that writer go into to unlock one's self in their work. Think of it as a mind palace that suggestions of time stopping as you reflect on those peaceful words.

                    Next, we stuck into a poetry reading titled "North of Boston: Four New Hampshire Poets", featuring Poets, Maggie Dietz, Todd Hearon, Matt Miller and Ralph Sneeden. We weren't able to be there is the beginning but heard most of the poems that were read aloud to the audience. Most of the poems had a theme of family tragedy, childhood humor and small mythology characters tie in. Most creative jokes was about the thought of snow being god's hair dandruff while another was featuring one of the poet's father's personality in the poem. What stood out the most strongly were the words of facing guilt and tragedy. This actually made me think about the possible fear of facing death of my parents and close family. The emotions of depression and denials comes to mind but nothing could ever depict the possible moments and they are not the emotions that I have no desires to feel them. Just shows how powerful words words can be to link to our viewers. So this is my saying to my parent, I really do miss you and I hold you closely in my hearts. I am afraid of that moment of seeing you there so I am graceful to sent time with you two (me crying now). I can't express myself my love for you all the time but I wish to say it now. Love you both mom and dad, can't wait to see you next week. 
Lastly, we visited the poetry panel "Migrants, Monsters and Mutants" featured by Poets Tamiko Beyer, Joseph O. Legaspi, Bushra Rehman and Janine Joseph. Here, this was an interesting one that we were looking forwards to when it expressed the ideas of animalism of society, interaction of technology and the immigrants integration of to America. One of the poets, Janine Joseph, inputed her experience of her memory loss from a car crash. Overall, all these poems were based off pieces of art pieces in order to express their beliefs. There seems to bring in a thought of defining hybridization, as the in between link between the different cultures. 

As the wrap up of the day, we had lunch at the popular pizza place called The Flying Sauce. Best way to describe is the hangout place surrounded by sci-fi world and fictional characters that cover the wall. Not to mention, if you want to watch Doctor Who, you get to watch the episodes while eating your large awesome titled pizza!! Then you can have a delicious dessert pizza coated in Nutella chocolate and sliced strawberries on top a pizza dough like a gram cracker. Seriously, I need to try making some of these recipes that I tried in college. Totally movie night food!! 

Finally, a quick trip into the comic book store to take some of the free handed out comic books. I choose the Avatar, the last Airbender comic and The Guardian of the Galaxy comic. This was a great day to enjoy instead of staying indoors like today (but I have an excuse because the weather was being wacky and non-sensible to comprehend). I was really happy that I had this opportunity to go to Salem and the Poetry festival of 2014. In fact, I'm inspired to go back to write poetry over the summer, maybe find a way to integrate this into my artwork.