Saturday, September 19, 2015

Illustrators Don't Sleep

                Hey there, sorry for the delay. Weird stuff has been happening and I'm calling it weird when it is the beginning of the semester than during midterms. Any who, this title is quoted by my good friend, after seeing all the work I have to put together. However, I am excited for this week because I get more time to sketch and illustrate what I like to do. This is great because whenever I am in my sketchbook, it mainly involved with the assignment than for myself. 

                   Then with Advance figure drawing, we went really big in class. You cannot see how big that drawing board is but imagine it being the size of me. It was exploring the relationship of the space while shaping the figure posing. We even got back with pastel, but it was like an experimental process with color than rendering the figure. 

However, one of my assignments that I am extremely happy with was the illustrated letterform project. My theme was the ocean coast, which got people reminded of Cape Cod. I am happy with this because not only are they done in watercolor & gouache, I was able to creative clear images for the future. Now I have to transit this fun into a child friendly shampoo illustration. Pray for me please.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Me on the weekends

Welcome to my new work station (thank 
you Dad for coming down to see me :3)

Having been painting in gouache and acrylic, for both Illustration III and More than Word.
For More than words, I have to recreate the letterforms that I posted Friday, then Illustration III is to paint the sketches of J. C Leyendecker. Very extreme and necessary practice for painting skin tones. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Oiling off the Rust

Advanced Figure Drawing pieces

 Illustration III
Acrylic Medium

More than Words
Paper Collage

Upcoming Illustrated Letterforms 


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Illustration 3 Preview

First Illustration 3 assignment, here what it looks like so far. One illustration has to feature foreground, middle ground and background, while illustrating a Civil War machine (This is the H. L Hunley submarine). The second illustration is showing an interaction with elder and toddler, with a particular culture background to them (I chose the Tlingit dancers). The medium for both illustrations is acrylic paint. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Class courses

                 So the weather here has been mixed, as it is windy today while to the rest of the week has been humid that usual. Rumor has it that it will still be in the 70-80s degrees. So I'm in this mixed state of wanting to wear fall like clothing and yet I can't because it is too hot to walk around in.
                 I guess I would start off talking about what I think about my classes but I had to drop a class this semester. I'm sure it is typically that college students do this but it was one of those moments where I didn't want to drop because it had all the things I wanted to know. And for some reason, dropping a class is kinda of like turning down a commitment that you would do for those classes. However, a lot of the teachers that I talked said the same thing, "if you are not getting any sleep, then probably something should be dropped". I know that I will get another opportunity to take the course again, so this semester I will have much more focus and time to prefect my illustration skills.
                  Honestly, these semesters are going to be like Junior year of high school. A lot of expectation is to come out, as it will determine whether you are ready for senior seminar and getting a BFA degree. So I am trying to get a majority of the requirement completed for the Illustration concentration. So for liberals, I have Developmental Psychology and Art of Africa taken at nine a.m, which gives good amounts of time to get up in the morning. Psychology seems like a refresher from my high school psychology class, give with the dependent to our text books. As for Art of Africa, for being a new class, it does do a great job with introducing Africa tribes and their art artifacts that are influence our current day.
 Then for studio classes, the new class titled More than Words is a great combination of what I enjoyed in Typography I. Here we are experimenting and finding ways to incorporates type into illustrations. One of first assignments is making a concrete poetry, where we illustrate the word based on its description. There is a little bit more freedom on medium, but that is probably because it is a new class and the teacher sees what works best for students. Then for the six hour classes, I have Advance Figure Drawing and Illustration III. Yes, these both are six hour classes but with different functions. Advance Drawing has the similar teaching tactics from Life Drawing but we are now asked to push it as we start to work with other types of mediums. Also, not only do we have to do a self portrait but also large figure in space as well. Then for Illustration II, it is suppose to be studio working classes and I finally get to have my advisor for a teacher. However the first assignment is to create two illustration, one of a civil war machinate and another is a illustration featuring an elder and toddler. I know a lot of skills and improvements will come out of this class and I hoping it will do a lot more, not sure what though.