My name is Sarah Alexa Downie and I am currently an enrolled at student at Montserrat College of Art. I lived all my life need the salty seashores to the depth of the beautiful forest so making my home in small art community of Massachusetts has been a interesting experience.
              I can see myself as a workaholic when making artwork. But when I get to be with people, once someone dragged me away from work, I do my best to be enjoyable with my friends and peers. 
             I like to draw, paint and craft with most mediums but I am always willing to try new things to incorporate into my artwork. I have done fine arts pieces but have had the passion of illustrations, especially in the comic book and graphic novel community. Even though I have my major undecided, I have been swaying around the illustrations and fine art area.

Why I started this blog?
             This idea was inspired by my closest friend who used to keep a journal in her high school years, to document or creative write anything she desires. I didn't think on writing but more like a sketchbook, where I would illustrate or draw things I saw. However, I feel like I didn't really document any strong moments as I wanted so I decided to start this blog.
            One reason is that I finally made it to art school and it probably going to be where I make all the important decisions here once I graduate and be seen in the art community. Another reason is that I feel that this blog can be beneficial once in awhile, giving you so inspiration to do some art or research. 

Why do I also write reviews?
           Well, one thing I that enjoy with friends are the dark abyss of the movie theaters. Whether its a good or bad movie, we do like to talk about them. They aren't really solid reviews on the book, movie or any type of media, but these are just my personal thoughts on them that you could take account on. I do invite my followers to comment on them and give their opinion on them too. 
                 I was also inspired to do review by Doug Walker, film reviewer and creator of the critic community of the "That Guy with the Glasses" site. Check them out for yourself.
What else is there?
                     Don't really know yet? There are links on the side that you can see other bloggers's posts and artwork to be inspired of. There might be more but this is it. Or is it . . 

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