Friday, May 29, 2015

Upcoming Events

         Soon far, the weather back home has been sunny and nice. I just hope it was nice in all the other places that my friends were residing this year. I do give them a shout out to stay safe and hope they talk to me soon.

          So far this summer, I am doing an internship this summer for my Junior/ Senior year requirement. Currently I am interning at the Stonington COMO Community Center, where I am assisting in their Marketing department. Mainly I have been creating posters, sign, flyers, as well as assisting in preparation for their upcoming fundraisers events. One of them is coming up next week is their Mad Hatter's event to celebrate their 70th Anniversary in a recreation of Wonderland. I do encourage people 21 & up to attend this fundraiser at the Velvet Mill, where they will provide a large amount of served food and beverages as well as interactive activity related to the theme. There is even a silent auction that with have great prizes to chooses from. Again I do encourage people in the area to check it out on the 6th of June and some of my sign work for the event (not including the flyer on the left). Be sure to wear a hat or "Alice in Wonderland" themed accessories.    

        I haven't come up with an ideas for art posters but I recently did a commission work for the Doug Walker's Art contest. Honestly I was enjoyable to do as I was able to returned to using acrylic and could create a poster inspired from Drew Struzan's artwork. With the combination of Struzan's layout and the technique used when creating the pulp fiction book cover. Also this was also one of the reason why I haven't posted yet on my blog once coming after evaluation. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May Update!!!

        Hey All, I have been putting this out for far too long. It has been coming back from college, evaluation, good bye parties to figuring out what to do for the summer. As well I am help to come home to a great amounts of friends but for now, I have a stable schedule and will be finding time to update for the summer.

       Mostly I am happy enough that I have an internship that will help transit into my junior year semester as well as possibly opportunities for the next summer. From find small art related needs to doing house work, I am also making a webcomic with my best friend. Currently we are setting up the website and pages so but you will find more information once the page link is added called "Write Me In". There isn't a regularly up keep yet but will be soon.

        I wish I had something better to say but this was just thought up at the top my head. Next time I'll have something more interesting to say or remember. Happy Memorial day on Monday!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Illustration II Final

So here is my final illustration piece done in acrylic. this was inspired off my first acrylic painting delicate theme monster. Very similar concept but having the girl feeding her monster pet, which is inspired off of a lamprey or some kind of worm creature. I actually planning on continuing the series of girl and monster, perhaps even throwing in some boy and monster as well. Mostly likely they will be a little bit small from these 14" x 22" piece. Here are some ideas I created a while ago that I expand upon.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Life Drawing II Finals

                 We are so close to the end, with final pieces being critiqued to taking the last final exam the liberal art classes. I'm happy and sad, but I 'm hoping tonight will be a little uplifting since it is a masquerade themed prom dance. Hopefully, there won't have deja vu experience from my senior year masquerade prom. 
                  So now what I have left is my digital illustration finals and Studio XL print cards. I am do with my illustrations but I need paint a few more things to it, so it will be put up soon. But these are the final pieces that I displayed for our Life Drawing II evaluation, two ink wash drawings on poster board and one charcoal drawing on stonehenge. I can say that this semester has been my ink wash pictures, being able to experiment with mark making, value and application of the medium. I also want to thank my cousin for being the model for the two pictures of the figure in space