Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Being Animated, gallery pictures and animated vlog

Hey, This is early but here are more Senior thesis shows for animators and fine arts medium.
The bottom picture is a homemade lithograph print I did in a printing workshop.
Lastly, today's vlog video that relates to the overall basics of being at an art school. Sorry for the lacking illustrations but I haven't been on AIllustrator in awhile and was balance with final touches on finals. I hope you enjoy it and understand what I am saying on camera :) 


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yay! :3 I made a book

              For the pretty long days trapped in my house doing finals, I got to go to my awesome book club meeting learn how to book bind. These are the books I got to make :)

Friday, April 25, 2014


That's all I got to say

Oh yeah, Guess who is back in the gallery

Running on the Final Lap

           It has come to this. The farthest moment of time that you put in the back of your mind, the ending to your college year. When all your art friends and yourself return back home to part take in the summer. When all your artwork would be stored away into the freshman year pile.
           Honestly, I never thought I got to this moment so quickly, creating all these painting and charcoal drawings from different moments. Then I got involved in many gallery shows and the art auction this semester. I was even awarded for all the work in put into my pieces. For what it is, I am both happy and sad about this full year semester and looking forwarded to what next year will bring up.

            Anyways, as everyone knows as an college student and AP student, your teachers do their best to wrap your year up in numerous amount of essays, large projects and reading assignments. So what I have here to turn in are a large Allegory oil painting, three charcoal drawing demonstrating the skills I learned from this class, a watercolor illustration for English Composition's remediation project, upcoming art history exam and an abstraction mix media project.

           First off, this is my Allegory oil painting piece that I am currently working on. What I wanted to depict in my painting is my personal loss of my childhood pet while adapting to the present. Of course this is reference from photographs but I used the search skill from Life Drawing when laying out the figure in the composition. Tonight I going to paint in my head and add more hints of death.

            Then, this my watercolor and gouache illustration for English so far. This convey my opinion that I discussed about from my previous essay. What I thought about these pictures of natural disaster was that the photographer was misleading the viewers about this. Emphasizing the negativity of the hurricane as vacation footage, something that is impacting upon the viewers. So my idea was the continue the cropped in photographs with the chaotic destruction, isolating the brightly lit pictures against the existing atmosphere.

           Life Drawing is pretty much getting three pieces of drawing of figure drawing or portraitures. I was able to get a number of pictures created over the break so now I have to build them up. What I learned today in class is that you should experiment with the medium, play around with it as long as you can apply it to the skills we learned in. So, to my loving sibling, thanks you for portraying for me but the original portraiture will hopefully become something better.

           Lastly, I now get to create the last 3-D sculpture out of man-made objects. This is in progress, which is just technology hot glued together into a wall sculpture. For this procedure, collaging different machinery pieces over each other to create contrast. My first idea is to have pieces of corks attach themselves to the sculpture, as if was fungus growing off it. Mostly likely will come off the top but I'll see wear it goes.  

So that's my plan so far, however I have some great news. I AM CLOSE TO FILLING MY ENTIRE SKETCH BOOK <3. I know what you're thinking, what so great about that? Well, this is the finrst time ever that this happens. Usually it is the last couple of pages that are left empty so it is a big change for me. Infact, on my last class day, May 7th, I am going to post on my vlog my entire sketchbook so see what I filled it within these two semesters. I will post the address to the video for follow, where you can enjoy or make fun of my voice on camera. Whatever works :) 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Good Afternoon to all. It is Easter Morning, the time where plastic colors eggs are the excuse to keep your house messy. Or like in this illustration by Woongyoung Jung, featured in the "The Art of The Rise of the Guardians", brings a world of exploration and beauty to find in each egg. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not (personally, I do know where I lay because my family does easter egg hunts but doesn't go to church), it is a great reason to bring people together. 
However, since my family is semi-college age, we use our time to finish our AP and college homework over the three day weekend. So here are some of my finish pieces that are for my upcoming final. Enjoy :3

Fearsome Jessica, charcoal
Hurricane Sandy, Watercolor and Gouache


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finished Plaster Organ and Paintings

        Finally had my critical on my 3-D plaster sculpture, where we had to display and describe the function of this organ. It was the early morning and I didn't know what to call it so it is temporary called the "Velpump", weird combination of venom and pump. 
       What I thought of it in a fictional realm was that it is a genetic transplant organ that attracts itself to the stomach. The Velpump serves as a filter, clearing out any toxic chemical/particles that the user that consumed then will allow the eatable substance back into the stomach. So yes, it will clean out any arsenic, food poison, bacteria, bad cholesterol and unnecessary fat for you can digest the healthy parts of any beverages and eatables.       

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Here are more Open house pictures of the foundation floor

                    So before my book club meeting and four hours of painting, I got to snap shot at some of the foundation and illustrations work displayed on the second floor, the main floor people scroll through. You might see some familiar pieces from other gallery shows. 

This section if from my last favorite semester class, Information, Images and Ideas. What I submitted was my moleskin watercolor sketch book, located below. I didn't have any final pieces so I just wished to show the sketches that were produced in that class and the sketches I continued onwards. Just wanted so show how passionate I was about this medium and maybe bring some inspiration. 

Probably one of my favorite gallery shows is the life drawing class. All these sketches and search drawing are a great example of seeing artwork develop overtime. From the standard line drawing in charcoal, into three dimensional, connective drawing. I'm happy about taking this class and drawing 1 and can combine these elements together in some way.