Friday, February 28, 2014

The Nights of Beverly

        I am seriously, wanting spring right now but it never comes. Or when it does, like yesterday, it will have a vibrant sun and snow shower share the sky. Then in the nights, it is like walking through sheets of transparent ice as the wind whips in to your face. However, it is probably one of the most peaceful times to enjoy the town. 
         During the day, it has become a day of backing to your destination and back. The streets are roomed by swarms of fast steel boxes. They function on their own rules, roaring at each other and dashing to the next available spot. When it is the twilights of Beverly, you get to wander the streets quietly under the street lights and star dust. Not to mention the awesome jazz music that comes out of local pubs and restaurants. Hearing that saxophone tune makes me do our jazz hands down to our house.  

Here is what I drew in Life Drawing Today :)

         So, last night was another college activity of "Whose Line is it Anyways". For those who aren't aware of this television, which I would be surprised of, consist of comedy and improv performances. The contestants improv different situation, through questions, props, hats, sound effects, guessing games and interaction with the audience. It is a great time to get entertainment and fast pick up lines from your classmates. Best time ever for the Winter semester!! Make me not want to come back home.

One week left to Spring Vacation   

Cinderella and the Carriage, 6.25" x 4", Watercolor and Gouache

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cabot Street Pop-Up Gallery

          This week my house RA decided to bring our house together for a pop up gallery show. What it was is a simple art gallery, with no theme, no rules, just a place to show off what you have. Something to that you experimented or made for your class, you can display to your house. There was also free food and beverages, which is great for the winter time. Can't aways find the time to go purchase food or have money on stand by. 

Sunday Oil Paint homework

             Today, wake up, have a cinnamon raisin toasted bagel with creamy cream cheese and do oil painting for five hours. This my before and After progress I did today.

             I would say that it does look a lot better than last time. Maybe ramping about somethings bring more clarity into your work. I am much happier with the background because it isn't as shining bright orange and expresses more abstraction. Replicating a pastel medium is not the easiest, especially when you don't know how to use the paints very well. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time Management is Weird this Semester

           Everything was balanced last semester. Everything was available to get to and finish. There wasn't a time gap that blocked the time span to get homework done. I could get immediately into it then come back to it when it needed to be edited. There wasn't a irritating scratch behind my neck, making my hair swivel up. No cold goosebumps crawling along my shoulder and arm, whispering to me that I had to get stuff done. Those icy words peeling against me spine to get my stuff together.
          I would say that I have my schedule layout is a relatable as a working ant; I use the time I had sparely to get stuff done so the night would be used as my relaxation. My spare time is for sketch in watercolor and gouache, talking with friends, type my stories and watching my favorite BBC American shows. But I couldn't. I couldn't get one thing done, MY BLOODY OIL PAINTS!

           How would you feel like if you were waiting for seven to fourteen days, or a long period of time for one layer of medium to dry up just so you could apply another layer. Like another color for instance. It was simple at first, when working with black, white, orange and blue because it didn't matter how mushy it becomes it is very easy to control the values and working with one shade of color. With multiply colors, they cannot be solid shades of color, they easily blend together in a moldy brown or swampy green mess on a masterpiece. When working with color, you have to think of the contrast colors and what colors have to be layered on top. If you put light colors on top of darker colors, it makes thing muddy while it became a dark spot on top of a bright gob.
              Anyways, this homework is to recreate to masterpiece of an artist. The artist I chose was Edgar Degas, favorite pastel artist of the ballerina dancers, bathing girls and landscapes. I liked his mark making and over layering colors to create textures. However, its very difficult to layer the lighter, brighter colors when contrasting with he dark colors. Then you cannot replicate the original colors of a pastel medium out from a oil paint.

Edgar Degas, Dancer 6, Pastel

                  So now that I am ramping about how awful it is working with oil paints, how I hate watching for paint to dry, why I had the pigments mushing up into clay, smells like burnt soil, have to keep wearing my ripped paint uniform and have now idea about using the oil paint liquids correctly. All that I hope that this statement changes, that I will not always loath this medium. That I hope to painting still lives or portraits will be benefaction. I hope that I get better with this medium and not look upon as the "why did all these famous artist be chose to work in the is medium".
                 What I desire from this blog to look back on what I said. Whether I will riot again about oil paints or perhaps how I start loving it like my watercolor and gouache set.
                  I really hope I do perspective changes, that I see something more but right now this is what I see this semester. I'll post pictures of my procedure of my painting and let me see how I use color paint.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Days & 2 week Book Review

      I am up to here to the number of snow days we have been getting in the East coast. From the number of classes that will have to be made up in May to the hours being stuck in your house. Whenever you go outside, you're either putting your foot into a puddle or a melt gobble of sun. Especially when you were carried a heavy backpack or portfolio would sent you sinking down into the snow, making it much hard to travel to class.

      Also, I had more time to do some personal art pieces when I don't have any homework. This was inspired about missing my adorable dog Kona, bringing back her puppy years back home.

Kona's Puppy Years, 6"x17", Paper, watercolor&gouache, color pencil

    But anyways, while that was happening, I got more time to finish reading these two books. So, here is my reaction and review on Neil Gaiman's novels. I won't release as many spoilers but hope that it inspires you to read them as well.

        The Sandman vol 1: Prelude & Nocturne is a graphic novel, illustrated by Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, and Malcom Jones the third. The plot takes place around the character named Dream, the Lord the Dream, who accidentally gets captured by a cult. Dream is then mistaken as the Death and has his valuables discarded from him. So throughout the book is Dream reclaiming her possessions from humans to monsters from hell.
However, we see the perspective of an anti-hero. Someone who goes after the cult for revenge by waiting for them to grow old or die out while others get punished by his powers of dreaming, like creating an eternally of waking from a nightmare.
         This book's imagery well crafted to capture the dark and graphic storyline in Sandman but have the ability to lure the readers in. All these illustrators did a very excellent job of setting the atmosphere, capturing the shadowing the character's faces and the color pallet that pop out against the thick lines. They can even emphasized the facial expressions instead of limiting them. Also the character designs captures the character traits throughout all these illustrator.

         Then, lastly, I wish to discuss the novel American Gods. This was the longest one I have read, especially with the deadline of two weeks, but I enjoyed it all the way. The story here is about an adult named Shadow, who just leaved that his wife died in a car accident just as he is released from prison. Out on his own, with no family or friends, he runs into a mysterious business man, named Mr.Wednesday, who offers him a job as a body guard. He would be in charged of driving him around, do some jobs and errands, and don't ask questions. Shadow then takes the job and the story takes both him and Mr.Wednesday into a battle between the old gods and brand new gods of American. Neil Gaiman has an amazing idea to combine the greek mythology references, Christianity, Indian cultures and fantasy elements when bring in the being of Gods into the story. Then there are new gods, like the god of the internet, god of money, and god of frame, which were created in America. Probably the best parts in American Gods is the interaction between Shadow and Mr. Wednesday, when they act as working partners or guy friends. Much like a road trip but combining action and fictional appeal interaction with Shadow. Plus the climax is excellent once everything falls to place between these characters.
         One element that I enjoyed was the character Shadow. He isn't an up beat character but he really is above an average person. He can easily adjust to the strange environment but still act human against upper lords. But we also see him go through some changes in himself, questioning what it is to be alive, and seeing him uncovers the truth behind the past. Also, there is an interesting element that Gaiman put into Shadow was his interest in coin tricks. In the beginning, we learn that Shadow pick up some coin tricks when he was in prison and he brings that through the entire story. Gaiman even ties the coin into the subplots and the main idea of the two sided coin playing a role. Maybe it's because I never seen any author putting a coin trick into literature but it is done very well in an unlikely mythological story.
        Lastly, I got to say that I do enjoy the love interest of Shadow. His wife was like any normal wife, that was loving, humorous and charming to be around. However, when your lover gets stuck in prison, she gets attractive to the best friend. However, when she learn that Shadow is free she breaks off the affair so she can be fully devoted. So this will be a spoiler, but his wife comes back to life. Having this chance give her to ability to love and protect him for the remaining of her life. This character is just lovely to hang around in this unusually world and wish that she was real, especially when she wanted her wedding aisle music to be the Scooby-Doo theme song.

Overall, these two books were great to read and excited to read more. I'm not sure what will be coming up but possibly another Neil Gaiman story. If you have any suggestions, let me know what, or leave comments about what you thought of these stories.              

Monday, February 17, 2014

More Cinderella thumbnails

Here are the Mary Blair's images of Cinderella making it to the ball. Which reminds me, I hope the production is coming together after those snow days.

Cinderella and Prince Charming, 2"x 4", Watercolor & gouache 
The White Carriage, 2"x4", Watercolor & gouache

Sunday, February 16, 2014

3-D Wood project

            This long weekend, I focused on my 3-D project. The requirements to this art piece was to have relief, abstraction, chaos but structure elements, transformed wood, be assembled with wire or hot glue, the maximums size of 24" and have a 6" gap from the wall it is attached to.
           Here are my before and after pictures of what this 3-D wood form looks like, feel free to what you think :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14 (Part 2)

 I would like to talk a moment of silent to honor a dear friend from my home town.Owen will always be remembered for his kindness in his heart and the change that he could create. All his small notions and gentle touches impacted everyone; establishing a brand new family and friends to emerge around him. 
Let us always remember Owen. . . 

February 14th (Part 1)

 Happy Valentine Day!! 


The time where we exchange our deepest passions to the ones we love. Whoever they may be, let us hope that this isn't the only day that we need to express our adoring compassion. It should be shown through every second of your life.
For that, I will to say thank to my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my dearest friends, and the people who look look up my blog. Without them, I do not think that I would be here following my love for art. The reason that I started this blog was not only to see my progress of my art developing but as an journal for my future self to look back upon. I do wish that I started recording my life far back but this time is define the career path I go forwards in and my life overall :) Thank agains everyone xoxo 

Inspired Pajama Sam and Florette love scene, 7"x11", watercolor & gouache

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cinderella Watercolor

To celebrate the upcoming musical, Cinderella, being presented by my old High School so I'm making some watercolor gouache thumbnails images by Mary Blair. More will be come up soon.

Cinderella with forest animals, watercolor & gouache, 2" x 2"

The Stepmother and Stepsister at the Ball, watercolor & gouache, 2"x 2"

Tiny Sculptures

Here are some examples of some wire figures I tried creating for fun.

My first attempt to a wire animal was a pig. However, it didn't come out as I plan when I didn't know how the structure of the body. Also, wasn't sure how the legs would be like. So, I'm calling this the "Pig Caterpillar", because, why not. I'll keep to remember my mistakes is this technique.

Second one what the attempt of a Seal. Overall, it have the shape and form pretty well. Even the fins are pretty held together. But I'm probably going to fix the head so it has the dimensional shape like the rest of its body. Overall, I give it my seal of approval XD  "Seal Pun!"

Lastly, my third one is probably my favorite one so far, the crane. Not only did I get this structure to stand up on by itself but it has the similar form that Calder had with his figures. If I had to make some improvements, it would be the legs, the feet seem uneven and could be neater. But I am happy with my progress with it and wish to produce more like this.

Oh yeah, here I am today. In the afternoon, I ventured out into the snowy park commons to gather tree branches for the 3-D project coming up. But here's a poem to describe today outside, and thank my mother for calling me :)

Winter's Chill
by Heather Burn

Winter arrived no warning
snow covered the ground
like a weightless blanket
the air was brisk 
sweeping across my face
chilling to my spleen
you touched me
I was warm again.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Finished Wire Boot :)

           Finally, my 3-D Wire project is complete!!! I just having that extra snow day of 8 inches did help get some work done. I do hope that everyone was safe and didn't lose power or heating in their homes. 
         Last year, a huge blizzard like this, stuck upon my hometown, causing us to lose our power, pumping and heating from our house. At the time, I was freezing myself when shoving snow but I'. glad that I was with my family when it happened. All those long nights of huddling on the counter top and playing board games was the most family bonding I had for my last high school year. I just pray that they are doing alright back at home now.
          Back on track, this is my wire shoe that I am officially calling it complete because I fear that the wire will be torn up by the tension. Overall, I did really enjoy the countless hours of twisting, pulling, pinching and stringing together. I'm hoping that I get to create more sculptures and projects out of this material for fun or small gifts. 
         The boast to exploring this medium was when I watched a video about Alexander Calder. He was the creator of mobile structures that were in motion do to the mathematical theories. However when I saw his earlier work, he constructed illustrations in wire. It just looks so beautiful, as if you were drawing with wire, making one continuous line. Not to mention, without knowing, my Aunt happened to meet him in Connecticut and visit his studio long ago. She remember barely understanding him since he talked in mumbles with a hard tone. She didn't realize it back then until now but I do wish I got the privilege to meet him. Check out his website and see for yourself:
But all I know is that my next medium is natural sticks, branches and wood. Wish me luck. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Character concept artwork

           While at art school, I have been working on a character design for a friend of mine. The description that I was provide with was the character is a tall, skinny women with white spikey hair. She is also resides in New Orleans as a witch. I was having a difficult time designing the clothing because I couldn't really find any clothe style of New Orleans. I was thinking of something steampunk or fortune tellers look but I still need to do some more research.
           The influence on these designs are based on Brian Kesinger's Walking the Octopus characters and Brittney Lee's artwork. Check out their blogs to see more of the artwork: