Friday, September 30, 2016

Lot of Painting time

        The pass couple of days and weeks has been slowly coming together. Getting together a work schedule, and by that I mean the best time to get liberal studies done and having the rest of the week devoted to my painting classes. For Thesis, it been nothing but experimenting and writing out the story, which has been the most time consuming portions so far. I don't even think I could ever explain to my younger self how much more difficult it is writing a story.

        Well, the past updates were going to be showing my painting in progress, but I didn't fulfill that the past couple of weeks. So now you get to play "Spot the difference", seeing where I was progressing in the painting per day. This is my second painting that we have to do outside of class, as we can experiment and play more with painting techniques. The one thing I like about this painting class is how much time we have working on them, having time to alter and play with the paint medium. Currently, the lesson I learned with oil was building up the medium, which is suppose to pulls pieces of the composition forwards.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Rest of my Classes

         So this has been my official first week of classes. I know all my classes and I had an idea how its going to work out. The two remaining classes that I didn't have last week was Cinematic Storytelling and Humanities II. The other liberal course is actually a hybrid of in-class and online work. So how does that work? On Tuesday, it is in class discussion work while on Thursday, your work assignments are done online, having more freedom and resources to do homework. Right now, we have been reading online article and selected chapters on the Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova, who wore the experience under Stalin's power. Further on, we'll be looking into similar topic, as it combines but history and art together to express the time period itself.
            Then for Cinematic Storytelling, it is the longest class I have this semester, as it's a five to six hour in studio course, as we study the composition and process of storyboarding. I always had an interest in storyboarding, as it has a collaboration of comic and animation together. It is a tool for the animator, where they are able to plan and appreciate the composition layouts. And the first storyboard artist that we are looking at are by Hayao Miyazaki, one of the founders of Ghibi Studio. I'm both excited and nervous for this, and hoping to gain some knowledge from this course.
             I guess I can say that I have been stressing out already, mainly getting my Thesis together and organized. So far my first objective is to get the book narrative all organized before figuring out the art. But that doesn't mean I can't sketch for fun. If you even want to check what I been figuring out, the best place would be my instragram: @sadillustrations (yeah, don't ask I, I wasn't able to come up with something better).

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Reaching Senior Year!!!

            Here and back again, and now arrived at my Senior year!! It gone way too fast, when leaping from little freshman year to the final stop of college. Just coming back has me freaking out, in a good way and bad, but I'm finally settled in officially. As in getting my spot in the studio space with amazing illustrators and my greatest friends. Back when I first toured at Montserrat, I was excited to see all the spaces that seniors got, making it personal and inspiring to work within. The feeling of accomplishment and having the responsibility to a cubical was just special to me, and maybe even other. Or maybe it's the relief to have a nicely, lit, spaced out room to work within.
             So I haven't had all my classes yet, because courses started in the middle of the week. So far I gotta into Painting II and Illustration Thesis, and my liberal class, Addiction. Painting is going to be difficult to manage, not because to the projects but the materials we need to work with. Mainly it's about making our own custom canvases and panels to paint on. Also, we are working with oil paints, hopefully understanding the components of the paint and how they are used property.
            Illustration Thesis is the class that I am looking forwards. The class consist of great illustrators to work with but to help throughout the semester. There is a lot to do, for example, our first assignment is to make up a calendar/ schedule what is going to get done. Pretty much, you have the responsibly or goals of the semester, knowing what needs to get done, when and how. And oh yes, no homework, expect for the homework you assist yourself. So its a lot of work that I want to focus on and strengthen when I leave. Although it does really feel like I do much expect for the painted letters. Right now, I crafted out some characters to continue the book as a narrative. Next is coming up with a few new letters that would make sense in the book.
            Lastly, the class Addiction is a new liberal course that I was taking this semester. The course is a focus on the many types of addiction, as it is a behavioral habit for the individual. Think of it as a psychology course, but looking more on the reinforcements from their surroundings and an person's motivation. I'm a little unsure how it will go, as our first assignments was to make up a one page summary out of a 22 and 33 page article. And it took three day to read through them. I'm hoping after this first day, the teacher will get an impression of what this school is and will reduce the workload, but that depends on the teacher.
              My apologizes for writing this late, I be back on my regular routine and hopefully have better updates. Happy Labor Day to you all!!