Sunday, September 28, 2014

Heating up for Fall

                Hello all!! So big hug and kisses to my Mother to enjoy her birthday back home and hoped she had beautiful weather in Cape Cod. And I also want to say Happy Anniversary to my parents as well!! I don't really have an art piece ready but I have one in mind. I do hope you enjoy this sketch I did of you and Dad :) Always my favorite picture of you two.

               So quick update is that I'm doing homework as always, mostly of writing papers and drawing two more illustrations for tomorrow morning. This time the assignments was to arrangement three particular sounds into a creativity narrative. The one on the top was my first piece, of a pickup trunk carrying a crying baby, producing the ocean scene trailing behind them. The one on the bottom is a realistic scene of a baby being chased by a remote control trunk at the beach. Don't really know what everyone else will have but I'm hoping to be part of the creativity side of the group tomorrow.

               Then while doing typography homework, I been recording particular sounds through out the house just so it can be arranged in a sequence narrative without any visuals. There is a lot of choose from it just making sure the audio comes in flesh and clear. I could also say that I pick up a money opportunity for film one hour lectures. It not easy but it was a skill that I wanted in my job application.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Time in England Part 4

Okay, these are the last of my watercolor sketches I did on my England/ Scotland trip.

Best thing about England are the number of beautiful churches and chapels that were build in during their day. Then seeing their ruins makes it more beautiful.

One of my favorite places in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle!! Those "you need to go see it to believe" landmarks.

These series of paintings were of Hadrian Wall, the few parts of the wall that borders along England and Scotland.  

Here is a view of Stonehenge, in fact it is the only view I got to see them. You want advice, don't visit Stonehenge. The place is totally fenced off for outsiders while prepaid people have to take a paid bus to see it some what "up close. It much better to be stuck in traffic and grab some picture of the road, it is much more cheaper. 

Lastly, this was soda beverage that I casually drink in Scotland. I would say it is like a sport drink but more sugarly. My brother even though it smelled like the bubble gum flavor goo that dentist use for teeth cleaning. To bad they don't service it here in America because that would be my college drink.    

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Four Word Illustration

            Second main Illustration project was to pick out four words on a particular English Dictionary page and then draw them together in a narrative. Yes it was difficult, especially when choosing the words that you would see fix together in a one creativity image. There were a number of times that I would have to swap out some word but my final choice was : Looking Glass, Looting, Loosing, and Looby (another word for clumps, or clumsy).

              The one on the left is pretty much my favorite, as it illustrates the two main robbers looting the house through the view of the looking glass. From all the vivid textures defined in the scene to expressing the characteristics of the main characters make this illustration amazing. I do feel bad that I couldn't figure something out for the area below but I feel I put enough information inside the looking glass.
               Lastly the one on the right is a basic comic book page where I pretty much had fun playing with negative and positive space, panel arrangement to having a silent narration tell what happening. If you cannot tell, basically the Looby robber accidentally gets scared by a dusty mirror and sends it down onto the other robber. There is result to him have a bloody nose and loosing a tooth. Mostly, I enjoyed intimated the dark areas for indicate the nighttime zone as well as illustrating the textures with different mark making.

            Overall, I put a lot of time into these illustrations (which I mean staying up until three in the morning to put them together) as they successful display the selections of words in a unique manner. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mermaid illustrations

Here are some of my mermaid illustration I done in the Summer and the beginning of this school year. 

These are a series of sketches I want to do, not sure what media yet but hoping out it with my time management schedule. 

Also here are some of my people illustration I been doing, of my friends and people I think of.

Monday, September 15, 2014

One Year Anniversary


Hey!! Today is my first one year anniversary when I started this blog and my first entry, "Day 23_ Another Island" (Basically talking about my first day of art school and my views of my new environment). 
           It really is a great accomplishment for me to keep this blog going, especially when there are so many projects that I never finished. This blog does allow me to record and sharing my experience as a upcoming artist to any future thinking artists. So I want to thank everyone for keeping up with my entries and sharing it throughout the network :D Sorry that I didn't get time to do an illustration, but you do you get this enjoyable gif of Jean Ackles. See you everyone on Friday!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Time in England part 3

Hey, here are more watercolor sketches I did from England.

The one below is of the Tor in Glastonbury, Uk. It holds up the legend of St. Michael's church, the resting place of Richard Whiting's execution and the mythology place as the "Isle of Avalon" where King Arthur would awaken from. Again, this was one of my favorite place to explore, when conquering the steep hill to the overwhelming view of the valleys. People say that being at the highest altitude can better your health, and when reaching that point I felt amazing to look upon. 

Here are some natural landscapes I did when hiking throughout England. One those places was the Limestone pavement, filled with beautiful rivers, cows and breath-taking bird eye views. What's really cool are the textures left in the limestone. They somehow remind me of snakes or walking along a cracked fraction of land.

Another large castle was Goodrich castle, probably the brightest and large one to walk around in. The atmosphere itself really reminded me of the medieval times. Perhaps because it wasn't surrounded by a city but in the middle of the forrest where it was more peaceful. It is very close to clashing with Edinburgh castle but it gets to go on my favorite landmarks list.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The September Week

This has probably been a second week of school course so they have left a pretty good impression of what to expect.

                           First off, Illustration 1 is an interesting course but had a combination of stylized art and uses the knowledge to communicate particular ideas. Yes, you are pretty much drawing around anything creative but there are actually a lot of thought that needs to be addressed in the picture. Whether it is about choosing the appearances of the appearing characters. Or it’s the expressions that help tell the narrative to the style that you what to emphasize the illustrations with. However, the classes have been lectures to help reference ideas but mostly to present their finished sketch to your art students. For that, a discussion takes place about what the illustration is representing to what improvements could be made to convey the main idea. For example, our second big project was to illustrate an emotion, adjective or adverb as clearly as possible. I chose the word stressful, and here I illustrated a different approach of the term with the sailor life to it. Then I chose a cartoonish style to help simplify the shapes and chaos imagery that stressed the main character. And once it was hung on the wall, it really had its own unique style that people thought to depict chaos, nervousness and anxiety, which were really close to what I wanted. As for my instructor, it was a love-hate relationship, as he enjoyed the stylized arrangement of the imagery but found some of the cartooning characters too distracting to unfocused. So, now for my next two illustrations, I am going to bring in some realism with pen & ink and have some clarity to visualize. Probably won’t be easy, but will have enjoyment in it.

                       Next I’m taking the typography course, which is actually a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. From learning the difference between font and typeface, to how they are carefully defined from one another. Supposedly we will be working towards the tools on the adobe programs, but for now we are doing what my artist aunts did in advertisements, working with raw materials. So our first big assignment was to hand draw different typefaces for one of the alphabet letters. And yes, I hand drew each one I did not trace them!! Maybe it’s my drawing passion but I was extremely getting into drawing the typeface. Each one has it own voice to express with and it can be very difficult to decide that. It pretty much became a reminded of the times I had to draw large font to the billboards for my Drama production. Overall, I’m really excited for what is coming up and hope to learn a lot from this course.

                        Then I decided to try a Film and Video Media course as well. What this class is the teaching basics of filming narratives and capture artistic visuals. I do have a slight interest of learning how to film well but mostly the strong compositional choices and unique art decisions put into them. And from what my professor has show use, there are some awesome techniques used in film, when it is ten minutes to thirty second. It can be really leave an imprint on the viewers by being experimental film with impressionable imagery to opening a new eye to the viewers. Just like a canvas, they have the control to decide what needs to be addressed and remembered by as its own. So, this project is to create a how- to video, with an art twist in it. All I can mention is that I going to need help filming.

                            Lastly, my liberal study course is almost similar but since it is midnight right now, I’m going to simplify it. The classes have us reading short stories to understand the languages that the author is writing in and then writing three to five paged papers on the assigned topic. For creative writing, I had to write two stories about my earliest childhood memory, which is a lot more difficult. With fiction, you have full control at what you are creating in your head as you pour it out on printing paper. However I feel with a real live event, you feel very pressured about writing about this memory. Usually memories are fairly remembered until a picture or sense brings them back to that moment. You can’t be sure if that memory is accurate or not because it was so long ago, so you do not wish to have the memory be something misleading or fictional at all. Now that I think about it, recalling our earliest memory must be the theme this year because a majority of my art classes had first assignments address that. And finally for English Composition 2, we are part taking in the discussions about Hero and Villains that exist in fiction and reality. Right now we have been learning how important but life threating the knowledge of learning can be.  It makes sense how people might discard this topic, saying that education is wasting but it can valued more once you don’t have. And now, we are beginning to read the book “Unbroken”, which I might do a book review about once finish. Since it is based off of a true event and going to become a blockbuster movie, it must be an inspiring book to look into.        

Sunday, September 7, 2014

"The Moon jellies Under the Bridge" Illustration

                  Busy weekend, spoken in two works after long hours of homework and Card against Humanity night. Anyways, one of our first Illustration homework assignments was to draw or paint an image from your earliest memory.
                 There were a very hard selection of memories to uncover but some of the rememberable moments was when I broke my arm, family vacations, ballet and karate performances, or times at my hometown. However, one that I pulled out and had an interest to illustrate is the time that the moon jellies revealed themselves to me one night.
                 What happened that day was when I was four to five years old and I had entered myself in the kiddie dance costume contest. The prize was pretty much a free ice cream cone coupon and feeling of happiness. My costume I made was of a Moon Jelly costume, which I was inspired by the book "The Night of the Moon jellies"by Mark Shasha, one of my childhood stories. Basically the story follows a boy who send the day with his family at the beach and has the moon jellies come up to the boy to end the story. The artwork is as beautiful as this cover and enjoyable to read.
                Anyways, I made my costume out of bubble wrap, fabric, plastic hair net and the childhood memory. It was an original costume idea to make myself.
              After the costume contest, we went outside to walk home and just as we looked over the stone bridge there were a dozen of moon jellies just hovering under the bridge. Just seeing them there in the dark, illuminated almost everything but gave off this mysterious sensation. Maybe it was a miracle or a fictionally memory I made, or it could have happened another night and it inspired me to make this costume. I don't really know but these two images seem to still exist with me for a reason. That I still don't know but it may have been the inspiration for being creative, or something.
             So, this is the illustration I did. I painted a medium size image in watercolor and gouache medium, of myself and my family looking over the bridge. It is a very similar perspective from Mark Shasha's book cover as the characters are looking down to the moon jelly beings. I did enjoy painting this memory back, maybe I'll do another one if I have time but for now. I think the only issue that people had was that no one knew what a moon jelly was. All I can say is "really?" We are on the coast and there was no time that you saw a harmless jellyfish wash up to shore. I do hope they're not going endangered.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Time in England part 2

            I don't really know what I should talk about England or even how. Not that I like to be brief with this but I feel like I don't have a lot of time for writing. Whatever now, since I got myself writing now.
             For part 2, I suppose I'll talk about some of my favorite places from England. First place I felt inspired in was the town of Bath, in South West England. This place was centered around the famous Roman bath house, where people from all over would be clean themselves from all the battle scars and disease. Not only is it the biggest bath house in England but it a natural hot spring made believed to be created from the goddess, Sulis. Here, you can walk around and experience the everyday lifestyle in a Roman bathhouse while looking upon the remaining artifacts and stone remains. So why isn't this bath house being used as a modern day bath? Well it seem that slowly in time, the hot spring was gathering lead so the Romans that bathe in it started to go "coco-coco for coco puffs" once they did. To read more about it, here's two links to check out:

            Honestly this place was so welcoming to walk around in as the employees were delighted to be around. There were two ladies dressed in white togas having a causal conversation and a blacksmith talking a little with the tourists. Here's a story, when I was settling do beside the public pool and doing this illustration, someone dressed in a Roman soldier uniform came up to me and drew with me. He actually carried around a pallet full of harden bee wax that he engraved with. And we did have an enjoyable conversation with each other, being based on a realistic Roman soldier as he talked about himself and the bath house itself. So big shout out to that awesome guy for making my day.

               Then another place that I really like and would love to go back to was Stratford, England. This is famously known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. As it is a tourist attraction, it isn't as busy as the other places. It really feels like a small town in the country side, which it actually embraces in. There are so many, many gardens to look upon, full of rich color and smells as it expresses their belief from Shakespeare's plays ( Not only was it neat to looking inside his home to feel the particular lifestyle of that period, they actually displace artist's work that were inspired by Shakespeare, including these beautiful bronze structures that is an abstract interpretation of one of his sonnets.

             Now is it all beautiful only in the birthplaces of Shakespeare? Actually no, since they have a cute boardwalk to exposes all the stores to check out, a beautiful river to float along and the most peaceful park that you can walk in.
              Even with the odd weather of rain and sunshine at the same time, you can get the moment of a rainbow. In fact, we spotted a lot of rainbows in England more often because of the light patches of rain that came down in a day. And majority of the people are really happy and kind to be around when mentioning their. While a lot of famous people from history were inspired by this place and I did too, so really do swing by this town when visiting England. It is one beautiful place for art to emerge in.