Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017!!

This year has felt the longest time for me, as I am finishing my senior year of Montserrat to the next step (whatever that will be). But I got to say, that I have been enjoying the illustrations that I made and what I want to work with more on. My current goal is to create a children book, one that shows fun like breakthroughs in my work. Here are some of my favorites of 2016 . .    

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Long Over Due

 It has been a lot more harder to keep this updated, as this year is more focused on putting a children book together. These are just the work in progress piece of the double spreads I have now, painted in heavy body acrylics and gouache medium. The best part about working on these illustration is probably the different ways that I have been doing playful experimenting with what I know. Not to mention trying out some knew technique to create great textures and color layering.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Inktober Week 1

Hey, I don't really have as much to update on, just working more with oils, acrylics, watercolors and gouache medium. But now I'm part take in this year's Inktober, and you can follow along with myself and many other artists who are participating. I'll be regularly posting them on my Instagram, as well as Facebook but if I do a weekly post of my blog so you can see them together :)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5
Day 6

Day 7

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Night Owl Mode

Already my day been long, long, long. More often I will find myself forgetting there's a clock setting on my phone and will be sneaking to my bed at 4-5 in the morning. I am happy that my book layout are done, so I can see them in book form and alter them, that way I can go right into painting the color thumbnails. I cannot wait for more.
Also, here is my other painting I am working on in class, so this is my process so far.

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

step 9

Friday, September 30, 2016

Lot of Painting time

        The pass couple of days and weeks has been slowly coming together. Getting together a work schedule, and by that I mean the best time to get liberal studies done and having the rest of the week devoted to my painting classes. For Thesis, it been nothing but experimenting and writing out the story, which has been the most time consuming portions so far. I don't even think I could ever explain to my younger self how much more difficult it is writing a story.

        Well, the past updates were going to be showing my painting in progress, but I didn't fulfill that the past couple of weeks. So now you get to play "Spot the difference", seeing where I was progressing in the painting per day. This is my second painting that we have to do outside of class, as we can experiment and play more with painting techniques. The one thing I like about this painting class is how much time we have working on them, having time to alter and play with the paint medium. Currently, the lesson I learned with oil was building up the medium, which is suppose to pulls pieces of the composition forwards.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Rest of my Classes

         So this has been my official first week of classes. I know all my classes and I had an idea how its going to work out. The two remaining classes that I didn't have last week was Cinematic Storytelling and Humanities II. The other liberal course is actually a hybrid of in-class and online work. So how does that work? On Tuesday, it is in class discussion work while on Thursday, your work assignments are done online, having more freedom and resources to do homework. Right now, we have been reading online article and selected chapters on the Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova, who wore the experience under Stalin's power. Further on, we'll be looking into similar topic, as it combines but history and art together to express the time period itself.
            Then for Cinematic Storytelling, it is the longest class I have this semester, as it's a five to six hour in studio course, as we study the composition and process of storyboarding. I always had an interest in storyboarding, as it has a collaboration of comic and animation together. It is a tool for the animator, where they are able to plan and appreciate the composition layouts. And the first storyboard artist that we are looking at are by Hayao Miyazaki, one of the founders of Ghibi Studio. I'm both excited and nervous for this, and hoping to gain some knowledge from this course.
             I guess I can say that I have been stressing out already, mainly getting my Thesis together and organized. So far my first objective is to get the book narrative all organized before figuring out the art. But that doesn't mean I can't sketch for fun. If you even want to check what I been figuring out, the best place would be my instragram: @sadillustrations (yeah, don't ask I, I wasn't able to come up with something better).

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Reaching Senior Year!!!

            Here and back again, and now arrived at my Senior year!! It gone way too fast, when leaping from little freshman year to the final stop of college. Just coming back has me freaking out, in a good way and bad, but I'm finally settled in officially. As in getting my spot in the studio space with amazing illustrators and my greatest friends. Back when I first toured at Montserrat, I was excited to see all the spaces that seniors got, making it personal and inspiring to work within. The feeling of accomplishment and having the responsibility to a cubical was just special to me, and maybe even other. Or maybe it's the relief to have a nicely, lit, spaced out room to work within.
             So I haven't had all my classes yet, because courses started in the middle of the week. So far I gotta into Painting II and Illustration Thesis, and my liberal class, Addiction. Painting is going to be difficult to manage, not because to the projects but the materials we need to work with. Mainly it's about making our own custom canvases and panels to paint on. Also, we are working with oil paints, hopefully understanding the components of the paint and how they are used property.
            Illustration Thesis is the class that I am looking forwards. The class consist of great illustrators to work with but to help throughout the semester. There is a lot to do, for example, our first assignment is to make up a calendar/ schedule what is going to get done. Pretty much, you have the responsibly or goals of the semester, knowing what needs to get done, when and how. And oh yes, no homework, expect for the homework you assist yourself. So its a lot of work that I want to focus on and strengthen when I leave. Although it does really feel like I do much expect for the painted letters. Right now, I crafted out some characters to continue the book as a narrative. Next is coming up with a few new letters that would make sense in the book.
            Lastly, the class Addiction is a new liberal course that I was taking this semester. The course is a focus on the many types of addiction, as it is a behavioral habit for the individual. Think of it as a psychology course, but looking more on the reinforcements from their surroundings and an person's motivation. I'm a little unsure how it will go, as our first assignments was to make up a one page summary out of a 22 and 33 page article. And it took three day to read through them. I'm hoping after this first day, the teacher will get an impression of what this school is and will reduce the workload, but that depends on the teacher.
              My apologizes for writing this late, I be back on my regular routine and hopefully have better updates. Happy Labor Day to you all!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July Update

Hey, long time for everyone I know. Pretty much I had to find work else to do, which is now priming unfinished windows and doors of the house. Then while prepping my senior year thesis project, I have been trying to finish the series of illustrated letters collection before the summer ends. It has been enjoyable fun but takes up a lot of time to put together.

Also, here is an illustration that I did for fun, of my original characters. This piece is a work in progress but it has got me to experiment with oil and acrylic paints for future projects.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Thoughts and prayers to the victims & their families of the Orlando shooting. 
#prayfororlando #prayforpulse #pride

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fanart Friday: Rosangela Blackwell & Joey Mallone from the Blackwell Legacy

Rosa Blackwell & Joey Mallone fanart 
This illustration fan art meant to be put out soon but haven't been able to get to a scanner. Any way, totally recommend anyone to try the Blackwell Legacy series if you are interested in ghost stories, investigations and point & click games. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Art Update

             Hey, Friday. So things are slowly getting steadier to manage now. I finally a job for the summer, working with an online class for a month and now I been scheduling doing my art around. Mainly I been doing working with the #mermay trend for fun. I also have to plan out the more summer projects at least for June. Too much stressing already, which is why I been able to sleeping in as much as I can.

Here are some sketches:

Two sea dogs sketch

Playful sea dog sketch

My Art vs Artist meme

Friday, May 13, 2016

Fanart Friday: Sans, Papyrus and Frisk from Undertales

Hello everyone! I'm back and I have a lot of plans I want to do for the summer! I now have an Instagram account @sadillustration, where you can check out updates and my fun sketches I do on the side. I'm also trying to put together a Tumblr but that is still a work in progress.

See you Sunday!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Congratulation to my Brother

Congratulation Connor & Stacey!!!!!

             I know this a bit late to say, especially when he had his official wedding ceremony was on the 13 of February, last Saturday. Honestly it took a while because of what picture to attach to this post or what exactly to say.  
             Connor and Stacey, I am so blessed and happy to see you on your day and finally share everything together. Your wedding was too perfect to capture in a tiny phone, I was just glad to be there. Your first wedding took place in colorado, where you just signed all the paperwork that bonds you. For this wedding, I was so proud how much you help arranged and embrace your heritage, being a solider of honor and everlasting Scottish individual. Thanks for bring out the best of you and making your wedding special. 
                Stacey, I am so honored to meet you and see Connor share his life along side you. Your'a smart, caring and adorable person to enter into our lives. I can't wait to be a part of your life and, when ever you need us, we will be there to reach for. Can't wait to see what comes next!! <3

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Feeling like Colorado

          Sorry for the delay but the snow that we got was down pouring. To be honestly, based on the couple of days being warm, I was thinking it would turn into slush. Instead the snow we got was solid and packable to for lasting. So friday was this semesters first snow day and there are two more snow storms coming up this week for be prepared to shovel your car out. Or be like me, and use the time to do work and sleep in (that's always fun).
           Also, the Illustration show happened and it became pretty big this year. I was even excited and surprised where I was place in the gallery. This year, a lot of interesting, creepy, experimental and icon work came out of this show and I'm excited for the next. I do say that I do miss the Shakespeare theme show, but what was different about this gallery was there was a lot more unique interpretation that never really copied each other. I believe I was only person that did a cross word concept, which is pretty cool to me. I got a lot of praise and support doing the illustration, and I thank you all for that.
           Okay, so illustrations project we have are pretty fun this time. For Illustrating fiction, we have to create two- four illustration from the classical short story "Rikki Tikki Tavi" (the offspring to the Jungle Book). Mainly, designing two print plate illustration and two spot illustrations, which are small illustrations that are arranged around text space. Mainly it fun to down animals characters, elaborating or characterizing them based on the story text.
              Then for Illustrations IV, the assignment is actually deja vu, if you look at my old post of  Digital Homework . Create an illustrated spread for a book, of any recipes. Being me, I choose Fish Tacos made of salmon and cole slaw/ red cabbage. The theme that I thought of was grizzly bears catching the salmon from the waterfall, then turned to grizzly being the chef. I remember loving this from Digital Illustration that I want it to be more regular. I'm not sure what recipes I do but the character that will run the series is either Rob & Katie from "Tails" or Beth & Beast from the webcomic "Write In Me".

         For now, a lot is upcoming and all I got to say, Beware of the next Winter storm from above.
  Be sure to check out Shenaingansen's artwork & comics

Friday, January 29, 2016

Spring 2016 Semester

              So the classes that I submitted myself for have gone over my head and a lot of advance time consumption to deal with. But overall, the classes are going along swimmingly well, even if they are all illustrations course.

              The busiest time that I have are with Illustration IV and Illustrating Fiction. Both classes seem similar as an illustrator but with different approaches. In Illustration IV, we are tackling basic client/ business assignments that a typically illustrator will be presented with. Mainly we have done children book illustrations to edition cartoons. However, the instructor has an particular time lapse, as we have to present final sketches, color studies and then the final piece. It is very time consuming and strong contrast from my other illustration course.
            In Illustrating fiction, it tackles the same issues but more on illustrating fictional literature. Here you are able to display our interpretation and appearing visuals based on the stories. But the stories aren't fairy tale, as the list of stories off old folklore, Swan Lake, Tarzan and so on. Our current project is to illustrate a book cover and two interior illustration prints. Here is a preview of what I got for the cover, with hand painted type and slowly built up illustration on the bottom left corner. More will come Sunday. Also, any finished illustration will be added to my website, so keep an eye on that.      

           Then on my fridays, I have another life drawing class known as Perspective in Anatomy. The class is pretty much described in the title, we look at the human anatomy and know how the muscles and bones work and look correctly on the form. It is an requirement but also looks like an interesting course to be in. Not only do was have to draw the figure, but we are currently making a clay model that will show what the bones and muscles are. It is pretty much a hands on class that I hope will be good in the end.
           Unfortunately, my schedule did change as I wasn't able to take Comics & Sequence arts, as I wasn't getting any sleep. But I am going to continue practicing on my own and try to attend any comic lectures at my own time. I'm hoping this isn't a step back from my original path, but an smaller step forwards as I am getting new information and figuring out what I want out of my comic appear. So for this, I have inherited a tumblr. I will put a link up later on, once I get some stuff up there to look at.