Friday, February 19, 2016

Congratulation to my Brother

Congratulation Connor & Stacey!!!!!

             I know this a bit late to say, especially when he had his official wedding ceremony was on the 13 of February, last Saturday. Honestly it took a while because of what picture to attach to this post or what exactly to say.  
             Connor and Stacey, I am so blessed and happy to see you on your day and finally share everything together. Your wedding was too perfect to capture in a tiny phone, I was just glad to be there. Your first wedding took place in colorado, where you just signed all the paperwork that bonds you. For this wedding, I was so proud how much you help arranged and embrace your heritage, being a solider of honor and everlasting Scottish individual. Thanks for bring out the best of you and making your wedding special. 
                Stacey, I am so honored to meet you and see Connor share his life along side you. Your'a smart, caring and adorable person to enter into our lives. I can't wait to be a part of your life and, when ever you need us, we will be there to reach for. Can't wait to see what comes next!! <3

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Feeling like Colorado

          Sorry for the delay but the snow that we got was down pouring. To be honestly, based on the couple of days being warm, I was thinking it would turn into slush. Instead the snow we got was solid and packable to for lasting. So friday was this semesters first snow day and there are two more snow storms coming up this week for be prepared to shovel your car out. Or be like me, and use the time to do work and sleep in (that's always fun).
           Also, the Illustration show happened and it became pretty big this year. I was even excited and surprised where I was place in the gallery. This year, a lot of interesting, creepy, experimental and icon work came out of this show and I'm excited for the next. I do say that I do miss the Shakespeare theme show, but what was different about this gallery was there was a lot more unique interpretation that never really copied each other. I believe I was only person that did a cross word concept, which is pretty cool to me. I got a lot of praise and support doing the illustration, and I thank you all for that.
           Okay, so illustrations project we have are pretty fun this time. For Illustrating fiction, we have to create two- four illustration from the classical short story "Rikki Tikki Tavi" (the offspring to the Jungle Book). Mainly, designing two print plate illustration and two spot illustrations, which are small illustrations that are arranged around text space. Mainly it fun to down animals characters, elaborating or characterizing them based on the story text.
              Then for Illustrations IV, the assignment is actually deja vu, if you look at my old post of  Digital Homework . Create an illustrated spread for a book, of any recipes. Being me, I choose Fish Tacos made of salmon and cole slaw/ red cabbage. The theme that I thought of was grizzly bears catching the salmon from the waterfall, then turned to grizzly being the chef. I remember loving this from Digital Illustration that I want it to be more regular. I'm not sure what recipes I do but the character that will run the series is either Rob & Katie from "Tails" or Beth & Beast from the webcomic "Write In Me".

         For now, a lot is upcoming and all I got to say, Beware of the next Winter storm from above.
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