Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time Management is Weird this Semester

           Everything was balanced last semester. Everything was available to get to and finish. There wasn't a time gap that blocked the time span to get homework done. I could get immediately into it then come back to it when it needed to be edited. There wasn't a irritating scratch behind my neck, making my hair swivel up. No cold goosebumps crawling along my shoulder and arm, whispering to me that I had to get stuff done. Those icy words peeling against me spine to get my stuff together.
          I would say that I have my schedule layout is a relatable as a working ant; I use the time I had sparely to get stuff done so the night would be used as my relaxation. My spare time is for sketch in watercolor and gouache, talking with friends, type my stories and watching my favorite BBC American shows. But I couldn't. I couldn't get one thing done, MY BLOODY OIL PAINTS!

           How would you feel like if you were waiting for seven to fourteen days, or a long period of time for one layer of medium to dry up just so you could apply another layer. Like another color for instance. It was simple at first, when working with black, white, orange and blue because it didn't matter how mushy it becomes it is very easy to control the values and working with one shade of color. With multiply colors, they cannot be solid shades of color, they easily blend together in a moldy brown or swampy green mess on a masterpiece. When working with color, you have to think of the contrast colors and what colors have to be layered on top. If you put light colors on top of darker colors, it makes thing muddy while it became a dark spot on top of a bright gob.
              Anyways, this homework is to recreate to masterpiece of an artist. The artist I chose was Edgar Degas, favorite pastel artist of the ballerina dancers, bathing girls and landscapes. I liked his mark making and over layering colors to create textures. However, its very difficult to layer the lighter, brighter colors when contrasting with he dark colors. Then you cannot replicate the original colors of a pastel medium out from a oil paint.

Edgar Degas, Dancer 6, Pastel

                  So now that I am ramping about how awful it is working with oil paints, how I hate watching for paint to dry, why I had the pigments mushing up into clay, smells like burnt soil, have to keep wearing my ripped paint uniform and have now idea about using the oil paint liquids correctly. All that I hope that this statement changes, that I will not always loath this medium. That I hope to painting still lives or portraits will be benefaction. I hope that I get better with this medium and not look upon as the "why did all these famous artist be chose to work in the is medium".
                 What I desire from this blog to look back on what I said. Whether I will riot again about oil paints or perhaps how I start loving it like my watercolor and gouache set.
                  I really hope I do perspective changes, that I see something more but right now this is what I see this semester. I'll post pictures of my procedure of my painting and let me see how I use color paint.


  1. don't sweat it- keep nice thin layers/glazes. I always worked on mor than one piece at a time- and only on one area of the painting at a time-
    and eventually switched to acrylics!!!!!

  2. I hope so, make sure you check out with what I did today with oil paints