Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back for the Third year

      Hey, I have come back from school and getting back into the studio classes. So far I had a majority of my classes these last few days, and already I have homework to figure. 

Mainly homework that keeps me up during the night. 
The classes that I have this semester is Advance Life Drawing, Typography II, More than Words, Developmental Psychology, Art of Africa and Illustration III. So far, I been working of typography work, which was hand drawing typefaces to creating a variety of layouts. Also for Advance Figure Drawing is have similar techniques from the life drawing course but experimenting as well as pushing the medium more. 

I'll have another post describing what I think of the class but for now here are some pieces I made already in Advance Drawing.  

Also I been recently been making cut paper illustrations and cards to this year so I will be posting them this year as well.