Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sneak Peek to finals

I'm gonna be working mainly on finals so I will be away from the blog again but I will show the final product on the blog. But for now, since they are not finished I wanted to give people a little peek at what they will become. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wanting Summer badly

               Huh, I guess I really been putting this off for a bit. Just saying that I'm not really dead but sucked into my finals work. That will usually what will happen with artist, we don't mean to be anti-social but working on art pieces because people want perfection, or something that they don't want. 
             Anyways, I didn't stay at school for open house this year because I want to be home to distress myself any more. If I did stay, saturday would be a constant tour group looking through our entire house and I feel I couldn't get anything started or done by. So, I wasn't able to get a lot of open house pictures but I got a couple, both showing the process and the quality amount of work students have been making. Here is the third floor, this is the hallway of 2-D Design work and mix media. 

These are some of the Fine art Drawing& Painting and foundation course.

Next is the large Life Drawing and Advance Drawing class room, I was happy that some of my portraits were put up at least. 

Also here is the illustration wall for open house, see if you can find my where three of my pieces are.

Then Senior Gallery shows have been coming up and have been a ton of inspiration to check out. I first one that I went (which was probably three weeks ago) was the "After the Fact" gallery: the mixture of animator and graphic designer gallery. The featured animators were Kaitlyn Assmann, Anthony Corrado, Patrick Gerety and Dakota-Lynn Zouzias. Then for Graphic Designers are Sarah Middleton, Alyssa Pettit, Deborah Manchester, Brenda Roswess and Mayuka Fujii. I can say that each one of them had their personal passion incorporated into their concentration and art theme. Go check out their websites to learn more about them.

 Then there was the large illustration show "To the Nine", featuring Hannah Connolly, Emily Weigert, Anthony Milani, Lisa Martinez, Jennifer East, Elliott Grinnell, Rose Fristrom, Kaleena Deshawn and Kaleena Deshawn and Krista Erickson. I definitely recommend you check out their websites or artwork on your own because there was so much great stuff that I cannot show myself. If you like watercolor, gouache, pen & ink, pastel and mix media, you'll enjoy their unique approach on the medium.    

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Holy Morning

             If you ever had the sensation that you cannot get anything done, currently what I been feeling right now. As much I been calming myself, it just been overwhelming with one assignment. For our final piece for illustration, we have the choice to do whatever we want, using whatever materials or concept that we wish to create. It might sound great at first but it is a serious death trap to many. The term "do what you want" is mainly seen in sketchbook, a place where we can draw out ideas and hide what is considered good. And with all the strict assignment based projects that happen, it is an odd twist to get when your final piece will display all your learning and improvements from the beginning.
             So there is that, but then I have to figure out my three final pieces for life drawing, very similar to last year where we had to create one portrait, one figure and the last is what you want (either study, figure or portrait). I have a strong idea on doing one or two large ink drawing but not sure if to do it as a portrait or figure. Mostly likely it will be a figure since I have improved in that, it just to find a model to pose for. Hopefully, I have some one for next weekend.
            Next for digital illustration, I need to start my three theme illustration. What I am think of is doing a harmony with Freud's theory of Id, Ego, and Super Ego. This concept has interested me for a while when I took psychology in high school so it will be interesting to find an iconic interpretation for them. One idea I have for the Super Ego is having him as a greek statue figure, in able to depict perfection and an overwhelming god watching over the Ego. As for the Id and Ego, I keep thinking of some sort of child or teenager that is rebelling against the Super Ego. From the definition and research for it, the Ego has so sense but he always wants to impress the Id, making him the cool badass kid that you want to be with. For now the Id might be a combination of a wild child but mainly I want something to help contrast the Super ego look of a statue.
               Lastly, have to finish my power point for Humanities which will probably transition into another large project. I better be rewarded with a long movie on a big screen than doing homework while listening to the movie on a tiny computer.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Anime Boston 2015

Happy Easter Everyone !!!            

  So yes, it is official part take at an convention based on inspiration artist, animator and so many more. From my first impression of this place, it is enormous and you can easily get lost in the walk ways when getting from place to place. Also you can get dazed and amazed by all the beautiful/ clever craftsmanship from the cosplayers, especially when they are dressed as your favorite character. Listing off my head, there were Pokemon, Soul eater, Naruto, Bleach, Five Night at Freddy's, Portal, Studio Ghibi characters, Disney characters (mainly Frozen), Kingdom Heart (Which I was extremely happy to see!!! I always thought of it as unpopular game), Attack on Titans, Anime related shows that I do not know of, Yugioh, Link & Zelda, Super Smash Bro, Marvel characters, and of course, dragons. Apparently there is a tradition for convention people to ask cosplayers to pose for them as well as whispering their name as they pass. That happened about 30-50 times we heard Yugioh as we walked around, probably because that was what one of my friends dressed up as this year. She had been to the Anime Boston Con for seven years so she was the big guide for all Saturday.
         Okay, the schedule for my three friends and I was this:

- 5-6 Waiting up between 5-6 for shower, food and preparation.
- 7:30 Taking the train to North Station and the Green line to the Mall.
- 8:30 Getting in line for registration and looking at the schedule.
- 9-11 Watching the AMV Encore Contest,  which is presentation of different music video based on different anime and created by finalizes. What was really cool was that we could vote on which we enjoyed for its listed category and announced in the ending event.
- 11-1  Finding an available table and then eat lunch.
- 2-4  We walked and shopped around the Artist Alley and the Merchant Market, both areas where fan art and anime related products to be purchased at. I got lost a couple time and I almost had to yell Yugioh!!
- 4-5 Waiting in line for the Masquerade, the last big event for the convention
- 6-10 The Masquerade itself, which is the place for entertainment and to lose your vocal cores. They would have a cat walk for submitted extreme cosplayers and then had people reacted skits (comedy or drama). What was really excited through it was that people from school performed a skit that was awarded and someone did an actually proposal!! Super Cute :3!!!  
- 11-11:30  Lastly the ride home, after finding the drivers' camera and new parking space  

       So here all pretty much pictures are of the exhibit and how big the event was today, just for the first time people thinking of going. This is pretty much what you will be walking through and waiting in line with. Also, make sure you can tolerance loud staff members because you will be dimmed down as a little child again. Then make sure you remember that you cannot back track all the time since they will close places off to keep the flow going.

Then here are all the products that I bought for myself. First I got a free poster for this years theme anime convention, which was Mecha vs Kaiju. Then with shopping, I focused on two things that were in my mind during the convention: Supernatural and Kingdom Hearts. First I got a small holgram poster of a cute cheeky kingdom hearts poster, still it was the only one features Namine and how I would feel around the disney princess gang. Next I got a Supernatural print created by Lonia Liae (based on the signature) featuring Dean, Sam and Castial from the current season. Lastly I decided to get book 1 & 2 of this webcomic called Sfeer Theory by Alex Singer and Jayd Ait-kaci. I can't really explain the story in a paragraph but I can say that I love the style and comic work in the illustration, using the soft brush with the solid black shapes to the beautiful color pallet on each page. You can check out the story yourself for interesting characters and a progressive story.  

Overall, it was overwhelming and exciting event that I got to be a part of. I am sorry that my cousin wasn't able to come as he promise but I do hope to see him soon. Then I want to thank my friends for having me tag along the last minute because I enjoyed being there with you guys and probably no one else. As for next year or the comic con or even cosplaying, that would depend on money and timing itself. For now, I am happy to see how this community lives throughout this event. 

Again I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter or the nice beautiful sunday and wish me luck for tomorrow. Class registration, Yayy!! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Book Cover Process part 2

Here is the finish version of the book cover. This was one of my favorite illustration projects so far, where I got to experiment and use another technique with the acrylics, using washy pigment paints being blended and layered over each other. Probably the most amount of fun and stress to make this look like a realistic pulp fiction style.  

Our next project for digital is to create a travel poster of a particular place. I decide to do my summer beach, featuring the sailboats, sun sets or sidewalk setting.