Friday, October 23, 2015

Windy Days


                Its been awhile since my update, but I been spending time with artwork and the upcoming day for advising day. Just as a reminder, advising day is the preparation for next semester class. The plan is to finish all the requirements and illustration base classes that I want to do.

                 So here is the update from these last two weeks. In Advance Drawing, we have now been more open and experimental with medium. Not only are we working with charcoal and pastel, but now with types of paints (acrylic and oil) and paper collage. Today was a suggest, as seen below, we had to glue ripped paper pieces onto of the paper canvas, then drew the figure on top of it. Then during break our teacher then ripped pieces off and asked up to recreate the composition. You have the opportunity to recreate the figure or use the paper collage composition that show value and composition division.


           Then with my Illustration classes, a lot more commercial based work. In More than Words, we have been creating modern day versions of classic fictions (Moby Dick by Herman Melville) and non-fiction books (The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin). Now we have to create an appealing and readable map of a global island. I going to do the big island of Hawaii, Kona, since I recently went there for summer vacation. So the goal is the illustrate the places I went in a stylized look.

           Then for Illustration III, we recently had a break to illustrate things that we enjoy. Mainly, I like to illustrate writing into pictures. Then after looking at Eyvind Earle's illustration work, who you should know for illustrating Disney's Sleeping Beauty, we now have to create an interpretation or inspiration illustration of Igor Stravinsky's Firebird Ballet performance. You should check his work out if you like nature and perspective, here is the link:


Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Update

        Hello all! Sorry for the long long wait but a lot happened the last two weeks. I had to study for two tests for liberal studio classes, being absorbed with illustration work and we had that a beautiful lunar moon a few night ago. I do hope everyone got to see it for a moment, indoor and outdoor their homes. I was lucky enough to go with some good friends and walk down to the beach coast and rose garden park. 
         So, here is the work I made a couple weeks ago that we missed out. For More than Word, we had to illustrate for unusually products. The one on the left was to illustrated a child shampoo label, which I turned into a body wash product. Then the illustration on the right, was to illustrate an album cover for the blue singer Robert Johnson. I finally got to do larger pieces in acrylic medium, while concealing my gouache painting in my Illustration III classes. Currently for Illustration III, we have been practicing on master copies of different artists. Right now we have been creating storyboard illustrations by Luc Desmarchelier, the artist for the Dreamwork's Spirit.


The next project is to create a book cover for a classic novel, fiction and non-fiction. Currently I am doing designing a cover for Moby Dick, by Herman Melville. The book cover has to depend on a appealing title than the book illustration. 

Then for Advance Life Drawing, working with the same model, in charcoal and ink medium. Then I been doing a lot pastel portraits, finding a satisfying application when drawing. now I just got to figure out the space around my face, aka the background.