Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The End of the Semester

           You now the sensation that school days go by the so fast? Well, just imagine those days going by faster in an artist perspective. The time when final exam projects are coming forth and the scale of the pieces have to be as big as your size. When you have to show your learning from this semester into these large time consuming art pieces.
            The time that is spent on these finals is much more than studying for a final exam. Personally, the time consumption on these pieces was around four hours to the entire day. Not to mention, the amount of materials that would be used and cost to create these pieces. I'm not sure how much it cost but probably over twenty dollars. 
            My final exam pieces for Drawing was an observational piece of sea shells, emphasizing the colors in realism, color value, overlapping and mark-making technique. Then in the 2-D Design project, a symmetric design of geometric and organic shapes, reputation, color values and contrast. Overall, what I learned that when creating a large art piece it is better to be designed in pieces to they can piece together and be easy to transport.
 Pastel, 48"x18"

  Paper collage & Tracing paper, 30"x 36"

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