Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tired and Volunteering

            Either this week has been too hot or I'm been out of work for a while. I have been happy about helping out at an summer art camp at the Mystic art Center. There the campers learn to experiment with different medium and find new projects for the campers to try out. It is very different from the first summer camp I worked with, where the kids would have a little freedom to playing around while following most of the activities. With Art, you are doing a lot of art involved exercises that may inspire and educate the students. For example, the artists we introduced were Edward Hopper's seaside paintings and Andy Goldsworthy's natural sculptures. There were also some projects to help illustrated the art sketchbooks, such as a cut paper caricature and the pen&ink hand illusion.
               Those are great things, that I get to help or part take in the art project. Mostly it is cleaning the tables and setting up the materials. But then I had to bring up some icebreaker games to entertain them, since these students are beautiful artists but they still are kids. I must thank the Junior leadership programs for all the games that I learned bring people together.

Then for the final day, I did the whole day of portraits for the students. From morning to noon, I did disney drawings, cartoon, unicorns and even a few dog portraits. Pretty much children would love to have something unique and creativity to hold on to and will be instantly attracted by anyone with good drawing skills. It's very really impacting, especially when they have the courage to ask for some drawing lessons in the last few minutes. Make me miss doing my how-to manga drawing classes. 

Here also one of our big projects, where they incorporated art and poetry into this decorated tree. Then they was the art craft where they made portrable rafts/boats made out of nature and art materials. 


  1. Ooh a mermaid in your lemonade

  2. Yep! The kids from the junior class helped me draw this. Been having ideas on incorporated it with "Tails" novel