Friday, August 29, 2014

The Time in England part 1

             As much that I want to say but I have no idea what I am doing for the remaining time before classes start. These few days has been finishing up the time of freshmen orientation so it has been so empty and inactivity from the upperclass. I even think of myself as a freshmen but not revisiting the orientation activities.
Castle of Windsor, watercolor and pen& ink
         Although I get more extra time but has to figure out what to use it with. Pretty much I have organized my bedroom, located my classes and run into a few of my classmates from last year. Right now, yes I am happy to be back but I wish I could just get right into my art classes already.  

Bridge of London, watercolor and pen& ink
           Okay, for now I'll talk a bit about some of the experience in England and Scotland. The vacation started off not the best foot from a six hour night flight and not knowing any bus schedules. Honestly we could not find any bus schedule online for us to access. It was a whole tiring day of running to any transport, not able to check into a hotel or bringing up the fold up map. And it all happened on a Monday.

Tower of London, watercolor and pen& ink
         This probably affected the atmosphere of the city of London, making it shadowing place to walk around in. Not to mention, England is a whole week of rain showers and sunny patches, very similar to the weather in New England. So when walking, driving or hiking in England, best bring a rain coat with you everyday because the weather will be very unexpected but predictable to see. And when the city of London remind you of New York City and it is raining out, it is not the place to be in. For spending the two days in London was visiting Windsor Castle, The Tower of London, the National Gallery and British Museum.
Subway in London, watercolor and pen& ink
        First off we did the Windsor castle that was a good introduction into the England culture, where the castle were bricks of limestone or red clay. You had towers floating above your visual, beautiful views looking out upon the city landscapes and the royal guard walking around to give the real feel of royalty. And no, I did not take a picture with the guards because it does not feel right to do and immature for tourist. And no, I am not being a hipster for say that. These soldiers are incredible at what they do and what they believe in, and we should not treat them like landmarks because they are human beings who do a lot more difficult authority.  
        Then we spent the whole day to the Tower of London because, honestly it is such a big and benefitting way. There is so much to explore like the crowd jewels exhibit to exploring the castle towers with their own stories. One of my favorite places was the exhibit in the White Tower, or well known as the Bloody Tower. Here, the legend is about the two young princes mysterious disappeared and murdered in the tower, for Richard the third to claim his throne. It is a sad mourning story to happen to children in royal but something to investigate further. And if you are an animal lover, you can check out what foreign animals the dukes and royal families had when we didn't just have dogs, cats, fish, birds and ant farms. You wouldn't believe how many people had monkeys running around for entertainment or having lion be given as a gift.  

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