Saturday, September 19, 2015

Illustrators Don't Sleep

                Hey there, sorry for the delay. Weird stuff has been happening and I'm calling it weird when it is the beginning of the semester than during midterms. Any who, this title is quoted by my good friend, after seeing all the work I have to put together. However, I am excited for this week because I get more time to sketch and illustrate what I like to do. This is great because whenever I am in my sketchbook, it mainly involved with the assignment than for myself. 

                   Then with Advance figure drawing, we went really big in class. You cannot see how big that drawing board is but imagine it being the size of me. It was exploring the relationship of the space while shaping the figure posing. We even got back with pastel, but it was like an experimental process with color than rendering the figure. 

However, one of my assignments that I am extremely happy with was the illustrated letterform project. My theme was the ocean coast, which got people reminded of Cape Cod. I am happy with this because not only are they done in watercolor & gouache, I was able to creative clear images for the future. Now I have to transit this fun into a child friendly shampoo illustration. Pray for me please.

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