Friday, November 6, 2015

Peeling off the Glue skin

              Things have been getting sticky now-a-days, and it isn't because of the paper collage work but of more midterm exams and class registration that were going on. At least I got a majority of my class that I want, which are required for my concentration. What I'm planning on doing in the spring is the Perspective of Anatomy, Illustration IV, Illustrating Fiction, Islamic Art and architect and Comics & Sequential Art. Once more I'm excited for next semester, waiting to see more strong artwork out of in the spring. 
               I recently realize that this would be my last semester for the life drawing course. Yes I'm a bit sad since I done it for two or three years, and gain a lot of concepts when drawing the figure. Now I get to focus more on Illustration compositions for the upcoming years. But I do want to say that I learned an interesting method to drawing the figure & portraits with correct proportion and different use of medium to work with. 

Then with More Than Words, our recent assignment was illustrating a map with illustrations and typography design. For this, I hand-painted the map while worked with photoshop to apply the map labels. It was very fun to do, as it was putting in my impression since I visited the Big island. 

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