Friday, January 22, 2016

The Big 21

Yay!!! I'm now official at 21, which is 12 in reverse. 
Even with my plans changing this semester, I still got to enjoy my night just chilling and eating what I want. I just wanted to make a shout out to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. Also the delicious birthday cake that my roommates came to me when I came home.

         Speaking of today, on fridays I have my Perspective of Anatomy course, a six hour class about mastering the human figure and drawing technique. I would say that it similar to the two other life drawing classes I took but it isn't. The course is the teachings of the human structures, what the bones and muscles look like, how they move and work off each other and tightening my illustration style. Also, to make sure we know the human skeleton, we have to craft our own clay model with the bones then layered with muscle pieces on top. The class is pretty much split up into two sector, three hours on clay figure and three hours for drawing. And this clay project has the estimation to take up the entire semester. 

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