Sunday, November 9, 2014

Monster Attack on Bevelry

So here is the final sketch from tomorrow. We have a large honey badger climbing over one of the churches, with Robert Downey Jr. taking a selfie with the beast. Also, Honey Nut cheerios because . . uhhh. . . honey theme? Remember this was the cereal I bought so I can put whatever I want in the picture. The most challenging part was probably drawing Robert Downey Jr. Whether to render to perfectly draw someone recognizable isn't easy to do, since you are revealing to the general public. Not to mention, there is a lot of pressure to draw him perfectly :3 


  1. :) I think it's really FUN. I'm not sure about the Cheerios?

  2. Come on, Honey badger going after Honey nut cheerios. It comes full circle :3

  3. I gOt that part, I didn't get the placement of the cereal box in the sketch! Works much better in the finished piece!