Sunday, February 22, 2015

Digital Homework

It's Sunny!!! But I stuck in front of the computer so I need to take a break just so I can take a walk away there aren't any snowy walls. Pretty much this week has been doing more digital and paint medium, mainly with gouache and watercolor. My Favorite <3

For the Studio XL course, my classmates and I have been putting together a flash animation video that exposes the safely measures of the red bins. I been learning flash animation from my dear amazing friend while creating the storyboards for the video. Here is a preview of what I have done, and if you want to see our process, check out our blog in the link below:

As for digital illustration, I have been working on illustrating a particular recipe; "Thai-style Tuna Burger", one of my favorite college recipes. Originally, it was suppose to be vertical, as a scolling down version but it had to be horizontal layout. What I was think of having a school of tuna swim around the direction, maybe thinking of adding the mermaid from the Tails' comic. However, i twas really fun to do and might create more over the summer or break.

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  1. MMM!!!! LOVE glad you are back to Guache!!!! awesome