Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 23_Another island

I thought I had everything was at my fingertips; that I could change, I could be someone else. That I could live another life here at art school because being accepted by four different art schools was the greatest spark for me. I know that I was going to art school, because I had them most supported family behind me: loving parents, siblings, two artist aunt, and the artist community back home. But they couldn't be the ones to decide which art school.

 But honestly, it wasn't emotional as I thought that I would dream of. I didn't throw art supply, I didn't run out of the house and drove off in the car. I let all that stress consume me in the room, knowing that all my education would come from that specific school. After a hour or so, and stormed downstairs and declared that I would go to Montserrat. If you don't know, this is a small art school in the town of Beverly, MA. This town is located right out of the large mayhem towns like Boston and Salem. What I like about this school is that it acts as a community, very powerful influence on living an independent life and bonding with professors from numerous different schools (such as Rhode Island school of Art and Design). 

Today, Sunday, the 15th of September, I wanted to explain my first day of living in Beverly when the art world doesn't consume you. There is a difference between living as a student and living as a small adult. Homework can really that up your day; I broken down my homework schedule like this. I have 2-3 hours on still life's, 45 minutes on small paper collages, 20 minutes on research, 1 hour on rewriting notes, 30-50 minutes on re-editing and at least 1 hour to procrastinate. I'm even able to motivate myself to do my illustration drawings and self-teaching to use drawing tablet. Its an easy routine to follow on the weekdays and long weekend, except today. Saturday boredom gave me the motivation to finish all my art homework which made Sunday, my first free day.
That would be the day where you would jump on the friendly comfort zone, the couch, just to watch Netflix, play on your video game system, eat your bag of chips or find a day to go out with your college friends. I wish I had that day. I honestly tried to set me in that by eating two handfuls of honey flavored chez mix and watching a bunch of adventure time, just like a college student would do. But that isn't me, I can't always put myself in that position. I will always wanted to be doing something besides artwork. I then decided to wander around Beverly, going out further than my regular routine and finding new paths to follow. Afterwards, when I was resting in the commons or in front of my computer screen, I'm resigning on another island.

Back home, I lived in the middle of the forrest separated from my town. I see it as an island because deep into them is another part of the world that you decide to explore. The only way to go out my neighborhood was in a small vehicle, biking was the most annoying and stressful way to getting out to go to work, school, shopping square or a friend's house. Here in Beverly, this is an island, if we need to go into the excitement is to have a car or train, aka money route. However, even though Montserrat is in the middle of the town around the sketchy alleyways and the rich beach neighborhood, I am not in the woods. I might be on an island but I should use the best of it by interacting with the art community and the town. I am not going to waste it by hiding out in my apartment. I will not waste my college time on this island, which I can find time to escape Beverly to visit other parts of New England coast.

But today wasn't waste, from a particular club meeting to a large fair of games. Think of high school spirit day but taken outside and games titled college mature. This featured dropping mentos into root beer bottle, swinging balls to knock off cups, balancing chocolate cupcakes on someones heads, grabbing a dollar underneath a cup, wrapping someone up in paper and many more. All I know is that made my day, especially the people I worked with, Team Spirit :D Made me want to look forwards to the college activities that it opens up. 
Coming up, Whose line is it anyways college skits . . .               

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