Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 36_So far too good

Well, I am definitely getting that college feeling, you know when you have to motivate yourself to go out or think for yourself. Especially in an art school, you really are pressured to make those decisions and have evidence why you are doing this in your artwork. It isn't a negative idea because people can comment on your ideas, bad news is that you have to criteria your thought.

At Art school, it counts as participation score to critic each others work, saying whether it meets all criteria or that its needs to be rotated, added or removed from the piece. Here's a sample, through this month of 2-D Design we worked in the medium of paper collage to learn negative and positive space. From geometric shapes, bio-organic curves, torn paper to overlapping folds, our hands were stain with dry up glue and paper bits. I still have learned a new sense of this concept but I will have to have a misinterpreted piece that doesn't work. I have gone through three glue sticks, I have a little break to purchase more because we are doing tone in acrylic paints. Yay, painting tiny squares of tones make my night.

I got to say that I am happy to be in the Information, images and idea class with my professor. Everyday, so many doors of knowledge get open in my class when he speaks to us. Combining the teaching of graphic design and illustrating makes a great class for artist to takes, in order to understand how an image can define an idea or message. In our recent classes, he introduced us to Mary Blair's artwork, best known for disney color schemes. Honestly, every class he is showing use all his favorite artists so we can understand what they are showing in their art. One of his belief that everyone must know Saul Bass and three different type of every artist. Moving on, in his class he showed us a video about the knowledge of Helvetica. Here your fact of the day: Helvetica font is used in advertisement, traffic signs and warning messages world wide but it actually means Switzerland. Mind blown! All you artist should have motivation to from your artist instructor so you can forwards in your art. Recently, I have been doing research and sketching illustrators' artwork for the far future.

Now, I know it has been 36 days, but a small town can really get so close to you. Even when it is so close to the urban, superstition community in Massachusetts. There have been tons of people I met that have embraced their love for witchcraft or psychic powers here. There isn't nothing wrong with it, it has benefit those who were able to find a place where you are accepted for those powers or they don't really care about. Although this means that "everyone will remember you for doing that stupid mistake and it will take forever for people to look past that" but that the chance that people took when they came here.

This small school will have you know artist's faces and their names, your instructors will remember you and you get around the campus much easier. The cons are that there will be vicious drama between your room mates, tight security, and many more that will be pulled out of my head later on. Right now, I still figuring out whether to focus on my priorates or think about what seems right for college life. Pretty much, being 18 doesn't make things better for this seminar.

Oh, yeah, I was suppose to talk about the whose line is it anyways night at Art school. To make it easy, imagine the actually television show just with college kids but with a lack of improv. There were some good moments, especially in the movie situation ones (where the situation would move on through different film themes like romanic comedy, musical, horror, soap opera, etc). But next time they need to think more outside the art college area, at least have creative situations not always based on the campus.

Next time, which means tomorrow, I will explain my trip to a Boston gallery . . .      

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