Friday, June 20, 2014

Fire-breathing Lightsaber: "How to Train your Dragon 2"

              On the hottest days of this week, My best big sister and I sent the day to hung out together. With her having two part time jobs gives her a little time to relax with me so I been spending as much time as possible whenever. And we are both excited to see our friend's performance "Wedding Singer" so differently looking forwards to that, especially when he is going to have a role in the show :)

               So, today (which is Wednesday right now), We got to see the sequel to Dreamwork's "How to Train your Dragon"and "Wow" I was impressed. There was a lot of time and effort put into this story as the first and those people should be proud of it. From the trailers and newspaper reviews they were building up, the story plot was a lot more misleading near the end. I definitely knew that the mother was going to make a strong impact to Hiccup, the main protagonist, than being a negative conflict. Seeing the innocence and asking for forgiven are very touchy moments, especially when we can see a part of her in her son. Then when the parents reunite again, I cried out at that moment. From thinking of the expected the couple argument it turns into a sweet loving moment, just showing how compassionate and loving his father is in this movie. A lot has changed in five years in their universe and they have defined those changes, including making Hiccup more handsomer :3  
             I also notice how much they incorporated in this movie, apart from the Scottish culture and the expanding worlds that Hiccup and Toothless discover.The first movie was to introduce the main characters and set the standards of his home village. So when sequel came out, there was more exploration and creativity with the new dragons that the movie introduce. There doesn't have be so much focus on the main characters because the audience knows about them. The creators can now move on to bringing new ideas, characters and creations with Hiccup's coming of age transition. The ice capsule landscape remind me of the Iceland or Norway waters, foreshadowing the bitter enemy in this movie. More of the Scottish culture was bought into this sequel and the familiar landscape of the Highlands. Favorite moment was when the Alpha's dragon home incorporated ice structures and the rock formation of Fingal's Cave. or the Isle of Staffa. If you google this cave, these rock formation have incredible hexagon cylinders that make up the entire cave. I can't imagine how nature works but it can be so beautiful to see what they makes out of its surrounding environment.    

  Lastly, there were actually some beautiful artwork. When the credits showed, illustrations and concept art of the movie were displayed. From very expressive lights in the ice structures to contrasting colors stand strong. It kind of shown all the impressive work that was thought through. It actually got me inspired to create some watercolor and gouache paintings. I'll post them soon :)  

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