Sunday, June 29, 2014

Velvet Mill and "The Desert Silhouettes" sketches

So I got to a break from my research and producing artwork by going to see other artist's work studios at the "Velvet Mill Equities". This is a home town warehouse that provides open amount of space to many local artists, from famous glass blowers to beautiful painters that capture the atmosphere of Mystic and Stonington. Not to mention, a beautiful bakery "Zest", with their variety of delicious creations,  I must say that their Lavender Strawberry Coffee cake did taste like cinnamon coffee and sweet strawberries but I couldn't really taste the lavender. Perhaps I just don't identify the taste since I need really had it before. Anyways, I do recommend you go and support this local bakery and these artists.
                       When first entering the Mill, we were welcomed by Blacksmiths David "Doc" Kenney and Brain M. Jacobs. They presented a example of their welding items and beautiful craftsmanship they had. You could tell that they send their time wisely as the black iron was twisted and cursed beautifully. I even commented that it reminded me of the wire work that I did in the 3-D foundation course. In fact, I may have the opportunity to do some blacksmithing course with them so I'll have to post the pieces I created then. I'm so excited for that!!!
                       Then after getting lost in the building, this place was like walking through a open spaced maze than the warehouse from the Art Auction. We got to see some beautiful paintings on the way as they directed us to each studio, such as animal portraits by Joshua Prescott, dramatic wave painting and monotype prints by Annie Wildey, colorful craftsmanship done by glass blower Jeffery Pan and many more. Honestly, I love looking into working studio just to see their working progress and what pieces they created. Much like at Montserrat with the senior class and their working studios, a lot of creativity masterpieces can just develop after messing around in your studio. Honestly, I should just live in my studio than getting a house.
Anyways, we were then lead up to the top where a pretty big and organized studio resided by Lisa C. Leach. "And her pieces were amazing", quoted by me and my Aunt Sally. What she does is she gesso colored tissue paper, napkins and any type of little paper onto of a canvas to create beautiful landscapes. From the great selection of colors, new colors are made when they are layer over one another. Not to mention, there great use of textures to define every subject matter captured. That featured bunches of paper for flowers to folded up tissue in the mountain tops. Since I have loved paper collage, this was something I need to try, because they are just. . beautiful!!!
                        Lastly, we spend the most amount time in probably the one studio that we would have passes over. When you look through the doorway, you just see any average frame work shop, which is a good tool to have but can be expensive to obtain. Until one of the artists said that there was a gallery farther back, and there was. There were a number of beautiful oil paintings of the Mystic atmosphere, with the pastel pallet of colors, and natural scenes of someone home. Then when I saw the gouache paintings, I flipped. Even as simple still lifes of fruits, they were painted so realistic in the composition. While taking about my first year at Montserrat and that I was working with watercolors, one of the artist, Houston Parker, just bought out one of his many sketchbooks that were filled with thumbnails and sketches of observation scenes. Apparently he travels a lot, probably all over, and everywhere he went he bought his watercolor pans, brushes and pen & ink tools to draw with. They were really inspiring, making me think about how I should approach doing just watercolor sketches when I can do about anything. And the one advice that he said that I should try limiting my color pallet so I can make interesting colors, but also to do the stuff I like now. Mostly likely, after I graduate, I've a chance to obtain a job but won't be the dream job I'll have. Whether its advising or designing a logo, I won't have a lot of time to create what I want to do.  

Here are some of the links to the artist I met to check to out their artwork and support their site:

Color sketch, Watercolor & Gouache 5"x 3.5"
Deron's Character designs
      And that is what I planning to do, since the graphic novel prints are taking a little longer to prep up I have been really think of doing a web comic. These types of comics seems to very popular because the network is most accessible by everyone. Like I said, I do like the visual artwork put into graphic novels so I want to put one out on my own. One story that I was thinking of, and actually do some research, this story "The Desert Silhouettes" (or something else, not very good with titles :/ ).
Here a short summary, nineteen year old boy named Deron is put in the situation take the responsibly to begin his own family, as "tradition". However Deron doesn't. Beside being stuck in a village constructed by war involved men and abuse to women rights, Deron wants to travel out in the beyond to help benefit the village. When he gets his chance, he comes across an unusually being he calls Farooq, who is stranded in the desert. The story kind of starts there with a bunch of sketches. I'll figure out how it is going to be posted but I figure it out. It might be just for the summer but we'll see.

 Or, I was thinking of doing a webcomic about my cute dog Kona. I always forget have lovelable and ridicouls she can be when I home. So I might do that as well, becasue EVERYONE LOVE DOGS, Right?!!
Women designs 
Playing with Deron
Farooq character designs
Village sketches, inspired by Haraza people 

Deron and Farooq
Deron, Kambas and men

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