Sunday, June 15, 2014

Respecting your Daddy :)

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Make sure you enjoy this Sunday from all the other rainy days of this week. Right now, I have been comforting and taking care of his cold he received from traveling. Like I always believe, each day you should respect these father figures everyday since they carry most of the household's responsibilities. From carrying out all the hard duty labor, travel plan, future arrangements or gourmet meals for his wife and family. But he doesn't have to be a father to his love ones, but he is a father to his close friends, upcoming adults and young boys. My father has been strongly involved with the Boy Scout of America community becoming a Boy Scout Leader for his son's boy scout troop and then continuing himself as an advisor when another father figure took charge of the Boy Scout troop. And still now that his son is finishing up college, he gets into venturing, a cooperation of males and females becoming mentors for the boy scouts of America. You could say that my father has a passion to pass his teachings of survival and knowledge to take on the world.
Sometimes I think of the title "Father" as the major chief of of the household, which can be good or bad for people. However, I like to keep an open mind and think of the people that have acted as fathers that we have or haven't had. The definition for "Father figure" is known as an older man who is respected for his paternal qualities and may be an emotional substitute for a father. In other word, this person has admirable qualities that you would look upon when you are a mentor to your children and peers. 

So to all the fathers, grandfathers, guy friends, fellow employees or the kind gentlemen that assisted you in someway should be most thankful for this day. Then we should respect all the passing fathers that have left a meaningful spot in our hearts. 

Here are my father day cards that I have made for tomorrow  

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