Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sketchbook Project 2014-15 pages 10-17

             Again, more familiar stuff before. This is the time where I was created the characters for "The Desert Silhouettes", trying to give them a style or at least an identify for Deron and Farooq. When thinking of the Deron, I wished for him look much of his people but that edge that wanted exploration. And if you see that small note on page 11, I had the idea of having each human character (extras to important) they own symbol or icon. For example, Deron symbol is the swirl on his chin.
            Then when thinking of Farooq design, I knew that he would be the cute furry but some sort of lizard with the Disney's Beast's legs. Since his ability is camouflaged, it seem very unneeded for fur but rather something a skin that can hold onto particular surfaces. Overall, these were the first few sketches from this upcoming comic.    

Page 10-11 pencil

Page 12-13 pencil& watercolor
These two illustrations were actually specific ideas for promoting my venture crew. I was thinking of what representing those moments the most are around the camp fire, because it is the one place that is warm in the dam darkness while lots of stories/ advices can be told through. It was probably a bad idea about doing watercolor on this type of paper but the color pallet work excellently with theses illustrations.
Page 14-15 Watercolor 
Then these are fun little doodles that I got inspired off of when watching Nickelodeon's "Danny Phatom", which I do recommend for people who like the supernatural forces, high school stuff, great comedy and memorable characters. While one this topic, here is a link for people are interested in Danny Phantom graphic novel, a fan made comic with beautiful development of illustrating and interesting story plot that follows loosely along the origin plot:

Page 16-17 pencil

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