Friday, December 12, 2014

Sketchbook Project 2014-15 pages Cover & 1-3

Hello Everyone, sorry for the delay but it has been difficult pushing time away when I was typing an class evaluation for creative writing and an eleven paged essay about how society is sympathizing with monsters than fearing them now. Not to mention my last final projects for Audio& Video, Typography and Illustration 1 all in one deadline. Anyways, I get to sleep in and get back to reteaching myself watercolor and gouache after all the pen & ink drawing. 

But I nearly forgot that I signed again for the Sketchbook Project of 2014-2015. I was able to scan it in then mail it off to its destination on time with some good sketches and doodles, which I will give a brief explanation about. Make sure you check out their website to see other inspiring sketchbooks people have submitted all over the United States at  

Cover of sketchbook

This is pretty much my first time decorating a sketchbook cover but what I learned in sketchbook club, there is nothing better than an interesting appearances for the readers to open your book. This was pretty much last minute but I wanted to do something colorful but with mix media. If you cannot tell, those are chocolate ball wrappers that I laid out abstractly from back to front. I also incorporated pen and ink sketching of bunny rabbits (honestly I don't know why except that it works with the movement of the foil).

page1 pencil
My first page was pretty much observational studies I drew the first day I got. To keep my life drawing skills I learned in the Spring semester, I was drawing or rendering people as much as I could. The one on top is my little sibling, lying on our brand new couch, who was willing to pose for me perfectly. The one below were a few weeks later, of my brother and his girlfriend also on the couch watching television (maybe the "The Croods" or "The Hobbit). They were more difficult since they were in motion on the couch, from cuddling to throwing pillow upon each other. Mostly it was rendering the back of their craniums or my brother's haircut that made hard to render.

page 2-3 pen& ink, pencil
Okay, so page 2 is a hit or a miss for the sketchbook. These are post it stamps that I drew on when I went to the musical of "Mary Poppins" in the summer. It is a lot more fun since it is colored paper and you have limited composition size to work with. Then page 3 is pretty much the thumb nail posters images that I came up with for the Secret of Monkey Island.

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