Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sketchbook Project 2014-15 pages 4-9

Page 4-5 pencil and ink
              These are quick observational doodles that I have done in pencil and ink. Mainly I was trying to draw dog bodies as well as people sitting around the campfire. There should have been more but it was drawn on a particular day so I left it alone for that. Maybe if I added a post it, it could have bought more color into the pages.

Page 6-7 pencil, pen& ink
          On these two and four pages, I was thinking a lot about my story "Tail", possibly continuing the story further into the college life perspective but also expanding the ocean fantasy folklore. So these are pretty much concept art for the mermaid soldiers to other sea dwellers could share the ocean floor as well walk.
Page 8-9 pencil, pen &ink
            These may look familiar from a long summer ago because they are. These were the page that I used to figure out the cover page or recognizable image for the Tails story Most were doodles that came out our my head and what my mind thought was.

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