Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Winter semester

                   Hello everyone, my apologizes for not being up to date last christmas but this year's illustration homework was much more difficult to create (you can view those pieces in my previous blog) plus my amazing trip to New Orleans. I may do a review about my trip but for now, here is a listing of my course. The classes I have currently signed up for this semester are Humanities I, Environmental Global Science, Illustration II, "Warning, Danger, Safety" Studio XL and Life Drawing II.

              Lastly time I was in both English Composition II and Introduction of Creative Writing, both interesting and time consumption on writing lengthy papers. So far, Humanities was looking to  be more reading on books of literature when we are actually going into some hard core topics of culture to analyzing the legend of King Arthur (which I am actually looking forwards to after watching Merlin). Mostly of the class will provide documents and research into our upcoming essays. Then the Environmental Science is set up very similar like to my high school classes, where we discuss about how the planet eco system was created and what human kind has done to it. It does get depress a bit because we don't really sugar coat how many good things we done for the environment but mainly destroyed. Although it is nice that it is a lay back course, it's nice that to talk about scientific topics and perhaps connect them with art. It's a long shot but who knows.

               First art class I did was the Illustration II course, the one class I was looking forwards to. Most of the class will be made up of water base painting medium of pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Also this the first illustration course where we work in the studio than having artwork worked on back home. This was one of our recent assignments, that we illustrate whatever we wanted. I really wanted to do something from New Orleans, one of them was the Mardi gras tree we came across at a college. The tradition is that after the Mardi gras was to give as offering to the tree,and if you do not you get bad luck for the year. This was reference from a daylight scene for the perspective but the night scene was my decision. A suggestion was made to have a fantasy element that related to the Mardi gras spirits since this acts as a photographic pictures than an illustration. So probably in future pictures, there will be some fantasy or supernatural elements in my pieces to make them.
       The second studio class the Studio XL, a brand new class. You could say that it isn't a studio class but more of a team effort class that comes up with ways to bring awareness to the school, mainly safety related when handling equipment. For example, will be looking at the red bins used in the painting studios, student's wood shop and so on. We get to work in whatever medium from illustration, video, gaming or booklets. The class look very interesting and will give an atmosphere of working in an art related work environment. So far our first activity were small icebreaker games like drawing the described photo and creating a treasure hunt with particular clues.

         Today, this was my first class for Life Drawing II. Last year I did Life Drawing, and now I do the next course with the same teacher. It starts off with the basics expectations of the course and immediately gone to work. I am a little rusty since I done this last summer so it will get built up over time I guess. The same tactic of drawing lines and points that connect onto the form. I'm happy to be back in this class thus, with a couple of my friends to socially with.

          Still I have five classes but my schedule got changed from my originally plan. I had the idea of having two classes from Monday to Thursday then that one class on Friday. However after being wait listed, I now have three classes tuesday and thursday and one class on mondays and fridays. It pretty much a morning class with an entire study hall. I could say that I can use the time to do homework as well as beginning my webcomic too. However, there is an opportunity to take a six hour digital illustration class on wednesday. Again this is another required course that will need to be taken for drawing or illustrating department, and it is something I always wanted to improve on if I wish to design webcomics. Here are a few of the illustrations we did in class drawn in photoshop. I really gain a lot in that class, but I'm still hesitate about how much homework we will be assigned to. Hopefully I'll have the answer over the three day weekend.

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