Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just one of those weeks

             So after Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years of 2014-2015, it has finally decided to snowed here, at my dorm, on Saturday January 24th, 2015, where the snow finally leaves more than an inch and ice on the ground. Also there has been rumor weather about Tuesday and Wednesday having a blizzard strike us again. So far my house I very toasty and we have people shoving our back door steps to exit from. I am able to work comfortably in my cozy work area, I actually have been working over at main building in the animator studio (more about story in the next post).  

                       Pretty much I have been finishing my three illustrations, an exercise of demonstrated different time periods and mark making in pen & ink. If you notice the night features large black solid shape that contrasts the lighten scenes. Then the daytime scene is only used up of lines and mark making textures so you can render the objects and landscapes more vivid like than simplifying it with the night. There is also a dust & dawn scene where we use ink wash (which is pretty much my first time using this technique)  


              Then for Life Drawing 2, these are the drawings I made so far. Again I am a little rusty but I am liking that the style with drawing in charcoal and traditional method is progressing from last year. This time I am making it a regularly thing to draw from bottom to top and not being afraid to discard particular parts or start over when having limited time. In the future, you'll probably see a lot of familiar things like what the figure model will be holding to standard central still lives.        


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