Sunday, March 29, 2015


Yesterday was the Artrageous!29 of 2015 and I got to say it had some good and bad element to this years location. I first thing I got to say that doesn't really have anything to do with the event but when waiting for the transportation we had to wait in the snow while last year we had to wait in the rain. And then the event happened on the 28th of March when it is called the Artrageous!29 when last year was the Artrageous!28 when it happened on March 29th. "Weird huh??"

Anyways one word that I could say about this event would be that it is huge. Not the event but the location itself. You could say that it has the similar look of a warehouse and not so clutter together so you see everything in one look. This meant that it was easier to move around and getting from place to place. The down side to it that being a large place makes it seem that there isn't a much as last year mainly food. From my last post, I tried to captured the different variety of food and culture when it was probably more a sampling of appetizers. The one thing that I got to try were the vegan spring roll meal box while we were service a limited pasta and nacho chips. But hey may be this is just my perception of a starving artist and nothing else.   

The Digital illustration, animation, 3-D structuring and the shadow box exhibit

This time the pastel portraits were located in the middle of the building instead of the corner, meaning people are instantly drawn to us while we are limited the amount of portraits because we can't hang the finished them up on a wall like last year. 

This was the staff room and usually where we got our food

These were this years portraits, including the practice one below

The final deconstruction of the Artrageous!29 just to see how big it goes on to when it is emptied out. As for the artwork, I believe we sold a lot more piece of art, even the large 40 by 40 pieces which is amazing. Hopefully next year I could submit something to be auctioned off or something. 

Overall great time with my friends and producing artwork in the process. Amazing night and now I have to motivate myself to get homework done for Monday and Tuesday.

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