Friday, March 20, 2015

That time of the Month (aka Housing selection)

      Currently I'm feeling bit less stressed from previous posts, with the snow slowly melting away and fall classes are being declared is a big relief. As for housing, I pray that I can be with my friends next semester. For my junior year, most likely that I going to be stuck in front of studio desk making my artwork much more better so it would be great to be a studio space surrounded by friends I can easily be with. Again, I hoping this happens as long as the housing selection or available floors for us.

So for a week without life drawing, I seem to doing pretty good improvements, being more structured and being more thoughtful when applying tones. One of the suggestions I need to start using is being more painter like, having more passages of tone than using mark making lines for tone. But so far, I am much more happy with my approach with ink, it still an experience and I have to do more risky exploration for rendering.

Next, although this isn't completely done this is the illustration that I kept posting over break, the monster being delicate playing tea party. The issues that need to be worked on is mainly the background, small features of the monster and the girl and adding more value. Acrylic was an interesting approach since in the past it was rare for something good appealing to come out. I mainly thought of this as a gouache painting, just with more opportunities to blend paint strokes and colors. So far it has been considered as an solid, concrete illustration from what I got so far.

Now our next assignment is kind of cool, which is to design a book cover in the acrylic medium. But not any kind of children book cover but a "Pulp Fiction" novel. By definition, the term pulp fiction describes the book being produced on low quality paper used between cover. However, it is the genre of fiction writing during the early nineteen hundreds, mainly science-fiction, hardboiled detective stories, action-adventure and mysteries. Most commonly the covers would depicting something shocking or interesting against all the other books. This list from attractive protagonists, gruesome monster, nazis, bondage, murder, aliens, exotic setting, anything that could represent the current environment the readers could exist into. Here are a sample but you should look up pulp fiction covers yourself, especially the manly ones. 

Anyways, here are the thumbnails to all the possible book covers (which was really fun to do since it was illustrating a sequence from the stories or portraying the characters). It was a lot more enjoyable when we had to take references for the cover, where we had models posing in ridiculous positions. I'll post the synopsis to the story later on but I kind of were between two stories.  


  1. looking good- the delicate.
    love the pinky! fur is great, light, exciting. background is a bit strong and distracting and eyes seem unresolved!
    fun stuff going on! keep up the good work sari!!!!

    1. Yeah currently I trying to fix the eyes and the background but thank you!!