Friday, March 27, 2015

Book Cover Process


So far, I have been enjoying this book cover process even though it took forever to figure out the background. Originally there wasn't going to be a background but simple dark tone so the focus was only on the focused characters. However, it was suggested to put some kind of environment or story element behind the characters. I'm still writing the story synopsis to this so I'll post it up soon, but for now put in your own story.   

One minute it is sunny, another minute it is constant raining. I want to be relief this week because I have a solid idea about what classes I want to get into but I haven't been able to confirm it with my advisor. The classes I want to do next semester is the Illustration III course, teaching more of the application and style of illustration. Then I am returning to my interesting in type by taking Typography II and a brand new course "More than Words, which is a collaboration of typography and illustration together. I am also continue my life drawing teaching with my friend with Advance Drawing. Then for liberal art class will be Psychology course and the Art of Africa to return to history class. 

 Coming up soon will be another year of the Artrageous art auction.  

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