Sunday, April 12, 2015

Holy Morning

             If you ever had the sensation that you cannot get anything done, currently what I been feeling right now. As much I been calming myself, it just been overwhelming with one assignment. For our final piece for illustration, we have the choice to do whatever we want, using whatever materials or concept that we wish to create. It might sound great at first but it is a serious death trap to many. The term "do what you want" is mainly seen in sketchbook, a place where we can draw out ideas and hide what is considered good. And with all the strict assignment based projects that happen, it is an odd twist to get when your final piece will display all your learning and improvements from the beginning.
             So there is that, but then I have to figure out my three final pieces for life drawing, very similar to last year where we had to create one portrait, one figure and the last is what you want (either study, figure or portrait). I have a strong idea on doing one or two large ink drawing but not sure if to do it as a portrait or figure. Mostly likely it will be a figure since I have improved in that, it just to find a model to pose for. Hopefully, I have some one for next weekend.
            Next for digital illustration, I need to start my three theme illustration. What I am think of is doing a harmony with Freud's theory of Id, Ego, and Super Ego. This concept has interested me for a while when I took psychology in high school so it will be interesting to find an iconic interpretation for them. One idea I have for the Super Ego is having him as a greek statue figure, in able to depict perfection and an overwhelming god watching over the Ego. As for the Id and Ego, I keep thinking of some sort of child or teenager that is rebelling against the Super Ego. From the definition and research for it, the Ego has so sense but he always wants to impress the Id, making him the cool badass kid that you want to be with. For now the Id might be a combination of a wild child but mainly I want something to help contrast the Super ego look of a statue.
               Lastly, have to finish my power point for Humanities which will probably transition into another large project. I better be rewarded with a long movie on a big screen than doing homework while listening to the movie on a tiny computer.

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