Friday, April 24, 2015

Wanting Summer badly

               Huh, I guess I really been putting this off for a bit. Just saying that I'm not really dead but sucked into my finals work. That will usually what will happen with artist, we don't mean to be anti-social but working on art pieces because people want perfection, or something that they don't want. 
             Anyways, I didn't stay at school for open house this year because I want to be home to distress myself any more. If I did stay, saturday would be a constant tour group looking through our entire house and I feel I couldn't get anything started or done by. So, I wasn't able to get a lot of open house pictures but I got a couple, both showing the process and the quality amount of work students have been making. Here is the third floor, this is the hallway of 2-D Design work and mix media. 

These are some of the Fine art Drawing& Painting and foundation course.

Next is the large Life Drawing and Advance Drawing class room, I was happy that some of my portraits were put up at least. 

Also here is the illustration wall for open house, see if you can find my where three of my pieces are.

Then Senior Gallery shows have been coming up and have been a ton of inspiration to check out. I first one that I went (which was probably three weeks ago) was the "After the Fact" gallery: the mixture of animator and graphic designer gallery. The featured animators were Kaitlyn Assmann, Anthony Corrado, Patrick Gerety and Dakota-Lynn Zouzias. Then for Graphic Designers are Sarah Middleton, Alyssa Pettit, Deborah Manchester, Brenda Roswess and Mayuka Fujii. I can say that each one of them had their personal passion incorporated into their concentration and art theme. Go check out their websites to learn more about them.

 Then there was the large illustration show "To the Nine", featuring Hannah Connolly, Emily Weigert, Anthony Milani, Lisa Martinez, Jennifer East, Elliott Grinnell, Rose Fristrom, Kaleena Deshawn and Kaleena Deshawn and Krista Erickson. I definitely recommend you check out their websites or artwork on your own because there was so much great stuff that I cannot show myself. If you like watercolor, gouache, pen & ink, pastel and mix media, you'll enjoy their unique approach on the medium.    

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