Sunday, May 24, 2015

May Update!!!

        Hey All, I have been putting this out for far too long. It has been coming back from college, evaluation, good bye parties to figuring out what to do for the summer. As well I am help to come home to a great amounts of friends but for now, I have a stable schedule and will be finding time to update for the summer.

       Mostly I am happy enough that I have an internship that will help transit into my junior year semester as well as possibly opportunities for the next summer. From find small art related needs to doing house work, I am also making a webcomic with my best friend. Currently we are setting up the website and pages so but you will find more information once the page link is added called "Write Me In". There isn't a regularly up keep yet but will be soon.

        I wish I had something better to say but this was just thought up at the top my head. Next time I'll have something more interesting to say or remember. Happy Memorial day on Monday!!

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