Friday, April 4, 2014

Illustration Based

                  So, something unusually happened with my art friends last night. Apparently, their house was so unstable and horrible that their house breed with mice, rat, rodents and has been there since break.  It finally got to point where they were immediately moved out of the house and was scattered all over the campus in the only available. This was very unexpected for everyone, even me because I was notified about possible roommate. Then after the hour of moving around my stuff and ready for the kitchen, was then notified that the roommate moved somewhere else.
                   I keep saying to my self that it is almost the end of the semester and glad it wasn't anywhere in the winter semester. But at the same time, this was so sudden for everyone and the staff didn't what to do with the house problem. I do hope that their house gets remodeled some way, at least where it is livable.

                   Okay, so before all that excitement I attended a senior illustration thesis show Wednesday night. I do my very best to go to many gallery shows to see what it like to arrange artwork and meet people, especially illustrators. This gallery show featured Corey Cleary, Gloria Dilanni, Jamie Marbury, Kristen O'Keefe, Heather Scoggins and David Sam. 


                 There is got to meet Senior Heather Scoggins and see her large illustrations done in acrylic and gouache. Not only is she great with the medium but emphasizes the textures of the subject matter. Then her illustrations are overwhelming when seen close up. There is a sense of realism but it plays around with itself, exaggerating the message it is conveying like over working, self image, drama or its is just creativity use of imagery.  

                  Then I got to meet Corey Cleary, who knows me from my advisor and the days I walked into the advance illustration class he took. His illustrations are drawn for graphic novel layouts, which is actually one of his progressing projects. This graphic novel is the illustrated story that he is doing for his friend, much like what I like to do. 
                   His drawings are digital but has this color pallet from an old printed out marvel comic. This may help set the atmosphere or mood to the story "Tinker". However, he has large illustrations, either of profiles or graphic scenes from a comic. Corey really has a variety of scenes, showing his length of time periods and research he does in his pictures. But mostly I enjoy his choice of color in his panels, showing contrast and mood for that scene.
                    What I am really excited for is that he invited me to his comic book presentation. I can't really say when it is but just being asked by a senior to come see him talk about creating his pages, its overwhelming. Just like when I was invited to those artist studios. So tonight, going to do a lot since of yesterday so got to work on sculpture and painting now.


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