Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Cleaning

              Yes, the sun was shining past the clouds and a light rain came to water the garden. This week is getting pretty tight because of Acceptance Day tomorrow. The Day when high school application come to the school, investigate the campus and get a peek at the possible college life they wish for.
               I went the acceptance day but I also went a couple time before, to get my portfolio accepted and experience a drawing class with college students. Honestly, I was really impressed and happy to choose this art school with awesome people. I do hope that all our cleaning effort makes somewhat an impression on them new students. That was pretty much what happened in the late afternoon, an extreme clean through of the house and even the outside of the house since my house was chosen as a housing tour site. It will be weird but at the same time, it was exactly what I did on the housing tours so I get to see from another perspective I guess.

              Awesome what makes this week great was the awesome birthday party that we threw for my good friend yesterday!! I was so exciting because it was like a "second grade" surprise party in our friend's house. Then we didn't go out to a party club or movie night, we just hung out, ate cake and talk all together for a hour or two. Truthfully, I wasn't paying attentions to the world around me but the enjoyment with all my friends. We discussed about what we detest or awaiting for next year and just being ourselves. I wish that everyday was like this, just work and being around great people. I will miss all my new friends when the semester ends :(

              Also, I would like to thank a dear lay back friends to taking me to Fusion, the frozen yogurt place :) A brand new place I hope to check out again when the temperature raises up. The strawberry and key lime bar favorites is a great combination with berries and reese pieces. Next favorite I want to try is the S'more favor.

                    So, Life Drawing is going good as usually and doing my best as always. I submitted as few pieces into the Open house, which I help jury the pieces for. As you can see, I was extremely working with the black wood ink on get the accurate surface planes. It is still challenging when working with getting the correct tones out of the medium. You have to apply water to the ink and scrape off as softly as you can in order to change the tones. You also have to think about what direction on your face the plane has to go in order to make the face realistic. 
                       I do wish that I had done did pictures of myself but I was getting into that picture and the composition. However my teacher was very thrilled by the stuffed animal rabbit, which he expressed as the rabbit creature from hell. That got a good laugh through out the class.  

                    So, the final projects that I have to figure out now is three pieces for life drawing and another portraiture for painting. I still don't know what the three pieces will be but most likely will be portraitures, possible drawing my friends or myself again.
             Then for the large portraiture of myself, including some personal pieces of my childhood. What I want to paint my first good pet, Chani, who passed away a few years ago because I feel like she is some personal that I would feature in this portrait. I also I wanted to say some sort of message about "holding on to the past and willing to more on". By hugging Chani shows how much I hold on to as she is shadowed by death, and perhaps fear my past disappearing for the future. Here are a few references about what I want the composition for my portrait to be, pretty much.

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