Sunday, April 13, 2014

Here are more Open house pictures of the foundation floor

                    So before my book club meeting and four hours of painting, I got to snap shot at some of the foundation and illustrations work displayed on the second floor, the main floor people scroll through. You might see some familiar pieces from other gallery shows. 

This section if from my last favorite semester class, Information, Images and Ideas. What I submitted was my moleskin watercolor sketch book, located below. I didn't have any final pieces so I just wished to show the sketches that were produced in that class and the sketches I continued onwards. Just wanted so show how passionate I was about this medium and maybe bring some inspiration. 

Probably one of my favorite gallery shows is the life drawing class. All these sketches and search drawing are a great example of seeing artwork develop overtime. From the standard line drawing in charcoal, into three dimensional, connective drawing. I'm happy about taking this class and drawing 1 and can combine these elements together in some way.

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