Monday, October 6, 2014

MICE Expo 2014

                        Yes, I finally get the time to talk about this year 2014 MICE Expo in Boston. Last year it was pretty exciting for my very first time, where I was able to talk to the creators and purchase small independent comics. So this year, I got to see some familiar faces in the enormous crowd and pick out a few new ones to follow online.

                          First off, I was really excited to see a good illustrator, teacher and friend to know is Joel Gill. I know him through New Hampshire Institute of Art, where I took a pre-college program of his illustrating graphic novel course and the history of graphic novels. Those classes I really got a good grasp on what the comic book medium could obtains to. Also, Gill got me to gain a lot of benefiting techniques as well that I now use in my illustrations and drawing media. So it is always great to see him, continuing to create more comic book novel while teaching. I did get both his newly bonded books that are about to be sold in book stores and will be very excited to see what he talks about. Big shout out to, thanking him for benefiting my upcoming style to comic book layouts, and wish him luck for this year.
                             While I was on my hunt through the expo, which was more busier than last year, I got to collect many free business cards and a few couple comic books. Usually I like to enjoy a good story plot but also like to inspire off of page layout, color scheme, mark making, and the artist technique quality. But what I also learned that they are now selling scans of their sketchbook along with their books. It might not be fully sequences stories but people get to see what they typically like to draw and what their studies look like. Inspiration for illustrators and artist can be produced out of other's sketches, making them thing about what they should experiment or look toward. So for the summer, I might do that to for people to have a physical copy of my concept studies.

                             Then I got introduced to a independent novel called "Maple Key comics", a collaboration of illustrators producing their sequence artwork that is promoted each month. It's a great project that should be strongly supported, mostly likely I'm going to follow the production since their is a regular subscription. But I also bring this up because right after the expo, I am again involved in a    in the Comic book club at my school and their strongest goal that they want to accomplish finished comics to sell and promote the awareness of my art school (mainly at comic-cons). This is a great goal to look forwards to and I'm hoping that it comes true. It's all about the time management and balance of school work. However, I kind of feel this would be good to promote my upcoming webcomic (which is still in production) or just the art students out into the art community.

                            Lastly, I did attend a comic book panel "Developing the Graphic novel" with featuring illustrators, Emily Carroll, Paul Hornschmeier and Raina Telgemeier. Mainly they discuss their perspectives about their transition from the webcomic medium into the printed novels sold on book shelves. These are a couple of my notes that I thought might be interesting.

Ques 1- Why they created webcomics?
  Paul- Wanted to should his progression and development of style
  Emily- Think of picking up a book to leave a strong impression on the readers, supporting her passion to create comics.
  Raina- Began to making webcomics to promote herself and the interesting stories that happen around her. 

Ques 2- What they get to do with publishing books & graphic novels
  Paul- Mainly gets to experiment with the writing structure, reputation and placement with the readers' emotions
  Emily- First began as an interactive webcomic structure that guided the general plot until she had to put more clarity in printed books. 
  Raina- The transition happened when her audience began to grow so she had to change from black and white to digital coloring changed the page layouts to fun rhythm pacing in her pages. 

Ques3- Transiting from webcomic to graphic novel
 Emily- Has to create real excitement and thriller feeling through the comic medium, especially the page pacing for horror sensation.  
 Raina- Didn't have much changes because already structure her layouts as a book, only needing to color and highlight particular imagery in the stories.

Ques4- more set up of comics and stories
 Paul- Stories paced as textured story structures , where he mainly focused on the overall emotion quality from the readers.
 Raina- Her stories were very realistic and interesting that it makes her readers do overall discussions of the upcoming page

Ques5- How different it is from illustrating and writing
 Paul- Work with other artists of writers, either to produce or reproduce your narrative to their interpretation
  Emily- Has a way to control the comic stripe, as well as working with other writers and narrations
 Raina- Open news doors to view the production of making a story plot

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