Friday, October 17, 2014

Unknotting one self

                 Coming back into to this hasn't been easy. I thought I would get more time to relax when I returned back home but I really didn't. I majority of my time was put into an art video of disruption which I now need new footage for, extreme time of Illustrator to create type logos, coming up with mysterious illustrations and rereading my short stories for midterm isn't the piece of key lime pie I was thinking of.
                 I know it not the end of the world, since my sister is going through a pain amount of world to get into her college. Everyday, I'm thinking of her and praying that she's make it through to Winter break. That's will be the production to tying the end of your year.

                 Also I did get the time I wanted to be with my homies, or best friends from home I never get to see. An interesting night with a roasting fire pit and guitar strings playing was just I needed. Already I miss it but I wish you all luck with classes, jobs and such. 

                 So, here are the illustrations I came up with for my assignment.
 The first one is a girl seeing typed up words burning in a fire but the words reappear in the fire. Mostly the question for the viewers was what was so important in the fire that it would do this or why is it reappearing in this manner. You could say that it like the fireplace could imitate the communication tool used in J.K Rowling's world. However I was struggling a lot with light source reflecting on the figure. I was aiming for the fireplace to be the only light source but it was tracing it onto the human figure was difficult to render.

The second one is pretty easy to identify; mysterious slime, goop or essence dripping down from the ceiling. The idea came to meet during one of my english classes when I looked at the ceiling missing panels. I couldn't see what was going on in there but it came to me what could inhabit the space above our heads (classic horror story plot). But I didn't just what it to be dripping down like a waterfall, I wanted it clump at the bottom to make the viewers question more of the essence: Is it creating something? Is it consuming something? So this is the strongest image because there are just more interesting questions from this image. Right now, I focus is to put in more values in the illustration and how the essence is suppose to look in this environment.  


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