Sunday, October 19, 2014

Today Free Drawing!!

All ahead on homework so I get time to stress me out. So I wanted to sketch with watercolor and figure out what to draw. So yesterday, I was looking at some awesome work being produced but they were very cartoon like, much like Gravity Falls, Steven show, the newer cartoon network animation. I honestly, I don't want to draw like that because it is a style that is already made and I don't want to repeat it. But since I'm in an art school, I'm suppose to experiment and try new things. So this is that. 

First off, these two sketches are inspired by the artwork by Catherine Unger, who did the art direction of the game "Detective Grimoire". I love her digital art and the illustrations she draw, blurring the cartoon and three dimensional stage. Check out her blog here or check out her games: 

Next these are my illustrations for fun

Coming up, Mystery Illustration :)

Thumbnail values, 1"x 2", Gouache 

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