Sunday, October 26, 2014

Revisiting friday post

Hey, if you saw Friday's post, I just put some pictures of an illustration and printed posters. I didn't get time to put out a description because my school was hosting another halloween party but it was this week instead of that Halloween week. I have no reason why they chose the 25th but who knows, it was a nice break from all my homework and the pouring rain for days.

Anyways first picture were practice pieces for Typography 1. For his project, we had to do research on a particular typeface and create two specimen posters for that typeface. The typeface that I was assigned to was Bodoni, created by the Italy designer Giambattista Bodoni in 1798. The influence of the typeface was inspired off of Baskerville and Didot typeface, combining thin hairline strokes to thick bold strokes to contrast with. The two bottom ones were suppose to be the posters with all the information about Giambattista Bodoni and his font. The three on top were posters that would show off the typeface itself in an artistic way. When printing these out there was an accidental mistake on the colored on top because it only printed the center of the composition. It actually worked out for me because it is appealing to the viewer's eye with the interesting negative & positive space with the typeface Bodoni in play.

Then the illustration below is the Mysterious slime illustration done in black watercolor and gouache. It was very difficult to render the texture of the slime because I'm not even sure what it should be. But after a while, I just though of any sort of slime and long wet hair. I had to make a couple changes from my original sketch like illustrating more stuff in the environment to make it more relatable, adjust the light source and making hint of a narrative.

So what I have been working on is mainly another illustration, a sequel comic. The theme for this comic is escaping from something, danger, stress, or something symbolic. So I decide to do something from the Halloween spirit but also something that fascinated me in England. When visit the Tower of London, which took an entire day, I visited one of their towers titled "Bloody Tower". It got it name from the disappearances and murder of the two princes. Twelve-year old Prince Edward V and ten-year old Prince Richard of Shrewsbury were declared to be next to the throne until their disappearances that made Richard the third the heir to the throne. It is likely that King Richard was their murder, and it didn't take long before their skeleton bodies were found in the tower in 1674.
So what I wanted to do was having their spirits escape from their skeletons so they can leave the tower and move on. Mainly I want to be vivid with the environments while simplifying the characters designs. I don't means to make the ghosts cute like chibi or casper but I just don't what the comic to be so details to not see at all. I'll post on Halloween day the comic and other illustrations possibly.


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