Friday, November 14, 2014

Is it really friday?

Again, it is coming too close to end this semester and time is loosing itself. When being attracted to my desk space and walking back and forth to classes, it is weird to get back on track when I get somewhat a break from my homework. All that I need to focus on is illustration, creative writing, English and film footage for one of the lectures. Very soon, I am excited for Thanksgiving or November events are coming up, where I can finally get some great large meals and homemade vegetables.

So this is the finish illustration of the large honey badger in Beverly, painted in watercolor and gouache with the new changes to the first sketch, adding more values and enlarging the image. I could say bough back what I enjoyed, having the energy I wanted to expressed in this scene.

Then I got to finish my open and close sign for typography 1. This project is pretty basic, that you are creating a sign themed off a shop. I chose to do a sewing or yarn store, making me have fun with decorating the typeface and using the theme to my advantage.


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