Friday, November 7, 2014

Two Hours Reading & Update

          Pretty late for an update, just returned from watching "Joseph, Prince of Dreams" and "Prince of Egypt". It been a little tippy today, not to complicate, but I was walking against ice drilling winds just to shop at the food store.

          Still I am happy for this morning because my dear, lovely friend and I, headed off to the public library to read. Yes, we read for two to three of short stories and graphic novels. Registration and the thought of finals has been dragging on so we just need a break from it, just to distance ourselves from artwork. And this library is prefect, it so large and peaceful that I'm surprised no one hasn't been coming there. I remember last year I went there to check out Neil Gaiman's "American God" which was a great book so I might make it a regular thing, I hope.

           Okay, besides that, here is a quick update. For Film Audio Media, we just finished our abstraction footage, an overall demonstration of what we done with audio and video. What I concentrated with books and page textures, which were actually fun to play with. But now our next project is to make a five second movie. Yeah, five second video. You might have seen them to sum up movies or for comedy uses. Or, mainly popular as vine videos. I'm not sure what to go for but I might try comedy if I don't come up with something solid. For a idea, watch these videos to just a good laugh into your day:
 (Warning, R rating language to the viewers)

              Next, For Typography we are designing signage, mainly one for an open and close sign for a particular store. My theme is a sewing and knitting shop that close to my house, since I did like the color pallet and sweet tone to it. Even though their open signs were displayed with waving flags, I can still work as you see in their designs. With the use of thread and yarn strings keep the viewers's eyes focused on the words and hope to not be distracted by the lines.

             Currently, I am putting my quality time in my illustration homework known as the Scavenger hunt. Here's the assignment and I'll let you draw your own conclusion:

"There has been a terrible accident at a nearly nuclear power plant! An exotic animal from a local zoo took in a large dose of radiation and has somehow grown to a gigantic size! The huge animal is shocking people all over the Montserrat area including a living, famous person who happened to be in town! The authorities has yet to be notified, so the giant beast is a surprise to everyone that crossed its path! It's shocking!"

So yeah this illustration is a narration of a large animal interacting with the town's environment, celebrity and an store product. What I have been thing strongly about is the animal is a Honey Badger :3 yes, a honey badger. How pretty work it be, for real life. Then the person witnessing it would be Robert Downey Jr, of course. I would have him scared him but from we all learned from his characteristics, he is much to lay back from that. So an idea was to identify him as Iron Man as he is confronting the creature. Another thought was having him in the foreground, taking a selfie with the creature in the background. I don't know but it was just something he might have done. Then for the object, was going to do a cereal box of Honey Nut cheerios. Why, umm. . .  I recently bought some boxes of cereals and I have to use them in someway. Also they are the only thing in my cabinet that stand out the most. 
Anyways here are my studies sketches that I done so far :)   

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  1. Sari. can't wait to see your final illustration, sounds like fun!!!!