Friday, February 13, 2015

Color against the Snow

                I want to say that I am enjoying this. My childhood self would just find plenty of time to make snow angels, snow man and perhaps a fortress, but in this snow it might have well been difficult. Already the snow been stable up to my waist, while hopping over its trenches to search for the previous paths shoveled weeks ago now fill up. Not to mention we have some lovely decorative icicles hanging over the entrances like christmas lights. Currently the ones by my back door are as long as apartment window, making you wish you have a hard helmet or something. I have no idea know if the snow will let up, for all we know another blizzard will return over the weekend then on tuesday and wednesday. All we hope that this will be its last blow so workers can clean up the road ways.

Here are a few illustration updates I done over this week. The watercolor sample below is a practice or color theory for my Mother Goose illustration. I decided on illustrating the "Ba Ba Black Sheep" poem, by enjoying painting sheep and displaying intention of the rhythm. If I would, this could have been part of the final but its too small.   

These are the familiar thumbnail sketches that I displayed awhile ago. Because of the snow days and I was having fun with them, I decide to do two illustration and figure out the color sketches for each. I think I know what the final will be but you'll just have to wait


  1. Thank you Sally, I be putting up the large watercolor painting soon :)