Friday, February 27, 2015

Taking back Gouache

          A weight finally lifted itself off my shoulders after midterms has kind of passed, now I have an essay to finish and presentation on C. Taxifolia to create. It makes a little difficult to do my own personal work beside assignments but I hoping the spring break will allow me that.
         So, here are more life drawing portraits and figure drawing for today. I'm make a few more improvements with the pastels medium, breaking down the composition in planes and forms, ever bringing back my original scribble technique in the form.  

Currently, in Illustration 2, been working with painting with gouache (so excited!!). Our first assignment was to illustrate turbulence, which I thought a white water rapids. As much as I enjoyed using the dry brush affect, I need to wet the gouache much more to create smoother for particular figures.  

Now our next project is the paint three vignette illustrations of a particular culture. I decide to the culture of women in Afghanistan. I been waiting a lot of documents and researching about their current situation, which is upsetting see how their religion and dominance group is ruining them. From arrange marriages, child brides, abuse, social reputation to not having the opportunity for education. It was very touchy but it was something I was interested and an issue to should be bought up. Using their vivid bright colors and contrast of design can illustrated their culture and the darken mood of the situation.




  1. Thank you :3 I had fun doing that painting. I do regard not making it bigger but it give time to be vivid with the gouache